e of elephant pull and inserted the rotten iron rod into the body of the war elephant again.

But this time, Wei Xiaobei looked more carefully, and even wanted to touch the small golden particles that emerged with his hands.
Of course, this idea did not succeed. The cyan mist emerging from the rotten iron rod seemed to be afraid that Wei Xiaobei would take away the golden particles, so he swallowed it in one mouthful and then retracted it into the rotten iron rod. , when it appeared again, the small golden particles disappeared.
This time, Wei Xiaobei felt something. The golden particles were somewhat similar to the divine aura of the mutated farmer’s market, but they were much purer and thicker.
Are those golden particles really divine?
Wei Xiaobei shook his head. If the golden particles were really the so-called divinity, then something could be seen during the attribute detection.
/For example, after Mao’ange was controlled by the mutated farmer’s market, he was infused with less than a trace of divinity, and as a result, the suffix of his name became a pseudo-voter.
However, perhaps because the golden particles absorbed too little, the big gun still did not change at all.
Next, Wei Xiaobei killed five war elephants that broke out. The golden particles carried by each war elephant were all absorbed by the big gun.
When those ancient Roman officers came back and saw the corpse of the war elephant on the ground, they couldn’t help but admire Wei Xiaobei in their eyes.
But Wei Xiaobei had no intention of greeting these guys. It would be more troublesome if he accidentally exposed his identity and made them suspicious.
“This is the arrival of reinforcements! The reinforcements are coming! Victory will definitely belong to Mars!”
This sound of a low horn sounded far away from the city of Barcelona. The officers who heard the horn sound couldn’t help but smile with joy on their stern faces and muttered something in their mouths.
Wei Xiaobei turned around and saw that groups of ancient Roman warriors were once again pouring out of the Barcelona city gate, which had become extremely empty.
Something is different!
With Wei Xiaobei’s eyesight, he could clearly distinguish the differences between these ancient Roman reinforcements.
Their equipment is better than that of the ancient Roman soldiers before them!
Every reinforcement soldier wears layers of armor similar to those of an armadillo.
/There is no doubt that this type of armor is far more effective at resisting blunt force blows than chain mail, and this type of armor was produced after AD.
In other words, the new ancient Roman soldiers who appeared are hundreds of years older than the ancient Roman soldiers around Wei Xiaobei!
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was not surprised by this. In a place like the Gray World, it would not be surprising even if a few guys with AK47s appeared at this time, let alone the appearance of armies that were hundreds of years apart.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei had seen this last time in the desert of Green Lake Gray Realm.
A lar