u Ying’s, but because his body was too weak and Xu Ying caught the flaw.

But this time, he made up for the shortcomings of his physical body. Both his cultivation and strength were greatly improved, and he even killed Immortal Zi Ning.
But when he faced Xu Ying, he couldn’t even catch a single move!
“My mother’s Taoist body is also in Wuzhuang Temple. As long as I find my mother’s Taoist body, I will be saved!”
But the next moment, Xu Ying’s figure appeared in front of him.
Xu Ying paused slightly, tipped his toes, and rose into the air. He stabbed out a finger and pointed it at the center of Ling Wuxin’s eyebrows.
/At the same time, behind him, the Immortal Soul also stabbed out with a finger.
Ling Wuxin raised his other hand to protect his face.
The back of Ling Wuxin’s hand exploded with a bang, and Xu Ying’s finger was unimpeded, making a hundred-foot-large hole in his palm. Xu Ying and Yuanshen flew out of the hole, and the finger force penetrated his dojo and penetrated his body. forehead.
Xu Ying stretched his body and landed lightly on the Tianhe River. The blood behind him was like a waterfall, rolling down and dyeing the Tianhe River red.
Xu Ying turned his head and said calmly: “My immortal spirit is not as powerful as yours, but I am stronger. This is the supreme level of spirit, which cannot be matched by your Ling Family’s Shenhui Skill. Last time you were How did you escape from the power of my Immortal Killing Sword? If you escape again, I will let you live.”
Ling Wuxin’s throat rattled, his body gradually shrunk, and the all-killing sword energy in his body overflowed, cutting off his Tao chain.
His Tao chain continued to collapse, Tao branches and leaves withered, and the Taoist temple collapsed.
His eyes were blank, and his soul energy began to disperse, roaring out from the hole above his head.
By the time his body returned to normal human size, his physical body could no longer bear its weight. His knees gave out and he knelt on the ground.
Xu Ying waited for a moment, but couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed when Ling Wuxin failed to break through his Immortal Killing Sword Qi.
“It turns out you were not the one who cracked my magical power.”
Xu Ying fluttered his sleeves and walked forward, “I gave you a way to survive. If you can’t grasp it, don’t blame me.”
Behind him, sword energy suddenly flew out from Ling Wuxin’s body, tearing his body and spirit into pieces!
In the caves and abyss of Yingzhou, the Penglai immortals flew out one after another to harvest the caves and abyss collected by Ling Wuxin and send them to Yingzhou.
These caves and abyss were nothing to Xu Ying, but to them they were incomparable treasures. Most of the immortals who ascended to the immortal world spent their entire lives unable to obtain even a cave as big as the abbot’s immortal mountain.
Xu Ying allowed them to harvest and continued on his way to higher ground.
The immortals in Penglai finished harvesting, flew up one after another, and returned to Yingzhou.
After they left, the immo