en board pirate ships.

Anyway, the blood oath just said that the blood descendants of the orcs could not set foot on the main continent, and the ocean close to the main continent did not count.
If you want to do that, the best way is to let as many mercenaries survive as possible. They are undoubtedly the best signs and can be used to prove his generosity and power. Hull believes that as long as he has a team of A regiment of four hundred rapid-fire cannons and miniguns was enough to sweep across the continent.
In addition to personal equipment, the sand sleds used for riding and carrying things have also been remodeled. The usable items on several other sand sleds have been removed, and a guardrail has been added around the sand sleds. The cloth roof was replaced with a wooden one, and the disassembled wheels were nailed around like a shield.
Originally, they planned to get a few horses to drag the sand sled, but they didn’t expect that they couldn’t find even a horse within several kilometers, so they had to let the camel men temporarily drag the sand sled forward.
There are only two sand sleds left. The one in the front is for Hull and the magicians to ride on, and the one in the back holds the big wooden box.
After re-preparing, the team went on the road again. This time, the ones in the front were no longer hyena guerrillas. As scouts, they were just amateurs. The ones who opened the way were replaced by cat-people assassins, although originally the antelope scouts were more suitable. , but those antelope people were very timid and refused to go ahead.
Although the two guides entered Patison for the sake of money, they were unwilling to go ahead and always walked in the middle of the group. Both of them brought simple maps they drew and faced two copies of the map. I compared the map for a long time, and then confirmed how to go next. Although Patison is just a canyon, there are many forks here.
The first part of the journey is the easiest. The area near the entrance of Patison has the most people coming in and out and is relatively safe.
The reason why people come here to explore is not only hoping to uncover the mystery of Patison, but also related to the minerals here. During the time of King Grete I, someone discovered rare gold mines here. Century, twenty-four minerals that are extremely rare in other places have been discovered here one after another.
Along the way, traces of excavation can be seen everywhere, including abandoned drilling rigs, cranes used to transport ore, and even a railway track hundreds of meters long.
As we walked further, the surrounding scenery changed completely. Although the sun could still be seen above our heads, the sun’s light seemed much dimmer than usual. The cliffs on both sides were less than one kilometer apart, but the cliffs looked a little weird. , there is a looming feeling that seems both virtual and real.
/“The space seems to be a little distorted.” Des also murmured to himself, and his face didn’t look good.
The Immortal Throne can distort space within