s of flesh from the top of his head.

But even so, the little goblin was still extremely furious. He twisted a few strands of Wei Xiaobei’s hair and dragged it with all his strength. It wasn’t until he broke the strands that he finally let out some breath.
But before the little goblin could breathe a sigh of relief, Wei Xiaobei stuffed it into his mouth again.
This was also helpless, because with the appearance of the little goblin, the crows pounced on him again.
Compared to barbecue, for Wei Xiaobei, goblins are undoubtedly dozens of times more attractive to crows!
This is true even for a little goblin who is soaked in saliva.
After another fight, the crows retreated back like a tide.
This time, Wei Xiaobei paid a heavy price. Even his face was pecked by crows several times, and several small flesh holes appeared.
/These crows were coming towards Wei Xiaobei’s eyes. If Wei Xiaobei hadn’t tilted his head so quickly, he might have turned into a one-eyed dragon.
With his strong health attributes and ability to regenerate severed fingers, he can recover quickly from this minor injury.
Compared with Wei Xiaobei’s near miss, the crows’ reckless attack suffered another heavy setback.
For Wei Xiaobei, who was holding a diamond mace and shooting stones at his feet, the intensive charge of the crow was the time to gain evolution points.
Coupled with the fact that Wei Xiaobei now had some experience in dealing with crows, the loss of crows this time directly exceeded sixty.
The crow can escape just as quickly as it comes.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the crows still hovering a hundred meters away. From time to time, some crows would fly in from a distance and join their ranks.
Therefore, after two serious injuries, the number of crows not only did not decrease, but increased from more than 200 to more than 500.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the attribute panel. Thanks to these crows, his evolution points had risen to 4560!
This seems to be not far from the 8000 evolution point?
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were a little bright. If he could increase his evolution points to 8000 points, even if another giant wolf came over, Wei Xiaobei wouldn’t be afraid. It would be a big deal!
In view of this, the little goblin was taken out of Wei Xiaobei’s mouth again.
This time, after taking it out, the little goblin no longer had the strength to compete with Wei Xiaobei, and lay crawling in Wei Xiaobei’s hand, with an unsightly look on his face.
Seeing the little goblin looking like this, Wei Xiaobei felt a little embarrassed, and then made some promises, such as eating enough barbecue, eating berries, etc.
To be honest, compared to humans, this little goblin is much easier to deal with.
Hearing Wei Xiaobei’s promise, the little goblin’s spirit immediately improved.
In fact, within the scope of the World Tree, it is sometimes difficult for little goblins to have a full stomach.
Look no further there seem to be a lot of berries in the bush.
But it is also food for reindeer, wild boars, crows, etc., and traveling from one bush to another is