age of all the enemies’ attention being attracted by Huang Kun, she took the opportunity to charm the two enhanced versions of the tree seedlings.

Wei Xiaobei also used attribute detection to check the attributes of this tree man seedling.
Compared with other ordinary tree seedlings, the light attribute of this enhanced version of the tree seedlings is more than 30% stronger, and the biological level has also been upgraded from one-star ordinary to one-star elite.
/It didn’t take long for those tree seedlings to die, charmed by the charm.
After the battle was over, a stone door suddenly appeared at the junction of the courtyard wall, a stone door that overlapped with the courtyard wall.
Huang Kun was bold and reached out to touch it. An accident happened and his body disappeared in the blink of an eye.
/This made Wei Xiaobei feel nervous, but the next moment, Huang Kun’s chatter came from outside the courtyard wall: “What’s going on? Why did I come outside? Master! Sister Xinyi! Are you in there?” ”
Wei Xiaobei and Zhu Xinyi felt relieved when they heard Huang Kun’s voice was full of energy and did not seem to have any problems.
Wei Xiaobei cursed secretly and asked Zhu Xinyi to follow him out. He had a vague feeling that the danger outside was much lower than inside, and maybe he would have a fierce battle next!
Rather than letting Zhu Xinyi stay in and distract herself, it would be better to let her go out.
Of course, when Zhu Xinyi touched the stone door and went out, Wei Xiaobei did not forget to give a few warnings to the two of them not to separate, to pay attention to safety, and not to provoke a large group of monsters.
In short, it probably means that I can no longer be a nanny now, so the two of them can seek peace on their own.
As Zhu Xinyi touched the stone door and left, reported that she was safe outside the courtyard wall, and began to explore the surrounding environment with Huang Kun, Wei Xiaobei also turned his attention back.
In fact, although Wei Xiaobei focused most of his attention on Zhu Xinyi, he still focused part of his attention on his surroundings. Although the threat to him from those human-shaped wooden stakes was greatly reduced now, if Wei Xiaobei was attacked Even if you get hit by a punch, you will get hurt.
What makes Wei Xiaobei strange is that from the beginning to now, those human-shaped wooden stakes have not pursued him.
So, when Wei Xiaobei’s eyes fell on the door of the indoor martial arts arena, he understood.
A pair of Xuanhua axes about one meter long stand upright at the door, leaning against each other.
Like other weapon monsters, this pair of Xuanhua axes has two short legs at the handle, and a pair of long hands under the ax head. At this time, the long hands are supporting the ax head, as if one person is holding it. Like holding his chin.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei’s eyes move over, the two xuanhua axes collided with each other and made a sound: “Hey! What kind of monster are you, how dare you invade here!”
To be honest, although the Xuanhua Banaxe looked a