d a mushroom cloud.

Seeing this scene, some quick-thinking soldiers thought someone had dropped a nuclear bomb.
The next moment, wisps of golden light rushed out from the mushroom cloud formed by dust and shot out in all directions.
The little monsters, who had been beaten by the monsters and had gathered their courage, were preparing to line up and rush into the dusty place, but at this moment, a three-legged golden crow the size of a palm rushed out from inside.
They were like cannonballs, easily piercing the chests of those little monsters and setting them on fire!
A massacre begins immediately!
In front of these three-legged golden crows, the little monster’s pitiful strength has no chance of playing any role.
Even those monsters whose strength reaches three-star level are no different from the little monsters.
Looking from a high altitude, you can clearly see tens of thousands of golden light points shooting out from the dust, forming a halo shape, spreading in all directions. Wherever they pass, those densely packed little monsters and monsters all turn into The torch burst into flames.
In less than five minutes, the army of demons and monsters that had gathered together to attack Namodaar disappeared, leaving behind only piles of charred and unclear remnants.
/What’s happening here?
After the two division commanders stationed outside Namodaar arrived here, everything they looked at was ablaze with fire and smoke.
Has this place been covered by heavy artillery with a caliber of 170 mm?
But the problem is that I didn’t see any craters at all?
Is this an internal fight between monsters or something else? The two teachers picked at their bare scalps, puzzled.
But at this moment, a man came down from high altitude, his body shrouded in faint light, astonishing as a god.
Seeing the appearance of this man, the two division commanders were a little confused. They didn’t know what they should do.
Is the other party a god? Or something else?
Should he kneel down and worship, or give the order to attack?
What are the consequences of this?
Did he kill those little monsters?
But just when the two division commanders were hesitant, the man spoke up: “Are you the top people here? Forget it, it doesn’t matter whether you are or not, I am Wei Xiaobei from China.”
Of course, this person was not Wei Xiaobei’s true form, but a Golden Crow clone, but that didn’t matter.
The Golden Crow clone said a lot of words, which probably meant that I accepted the request of the Chinese Parliament and came to save you. As for how to report it, you yourself should know.
This is not because Wei Xiaobei is troublesome.
It is said that doing good deeds does not leave a name, but in Wei Xiaobei’s view, this is not doing good deeds, so one needs to leave one’s name behind.
Otherwise, if these guys took the credit for themselves and lied about their achievements, wouldn’t Wei Xiaobei have made wedding clothes for others this time?
When Wei Xiaobei left, the two division commanders breathed a sigh of relief.
No way, the au