a flashback, the flash of fear taught Chu Weiyang to activate the magic circle, and then from his original preset layered mask. Take the initiative to “step out”.

Chu Weiyang even guessed that this kind of return to light might even have some kind of counterattack at the level of luck!
Among the layers of choices that intertwined pros and cons, good and evil, from the moment he mastered the Five Elements Escape Technique, Chu Weiyang’s luck had improved, and he had even moved forward a lot, and the prosperity of his luck began to be reflected in the smallest details. Inside the plan of time.
/The last lingering charm and backup plan of the secret technique performed by the great monk in the Golden Core Realm also failed at this moment.
The final possible anchor between Qi and Ji was cut off by Shi Yuting.
/At this moment, when Chu Weiyang looked through the exquisite silk thread magic ball and looked at the gray and five-color smoke that was restrained and sealed inside.
The aftertaste of the secret technique that had been cut off was completely isolated from the caster at this moment.
The rhyme of space belonging to a certain person is disintegrating quietly.
In the same place, the wisp of smoke began to show what it should look like.
The dusty layer that seemed to be a mixture of smoke and dust did not diminish with this change. Only at this moment did Chu Weiyang understand that this wisp of smoke itself had the characteristics of some kind of ancient object.
Immediately afterwards, in the gray background, five colors of smoke were steaming one after another. It was clear that there was only a wisp of smoke trapped in the magic circle, but the smoke itself seemed to have turned into a pocket-sized five-color aura at this moment. long river.
At this moment, even the power of years and years accumulated on it seems to be accompanied by the extension and revelation of the five-color aura, and it is revealed in the world from some kind of illusory concept, and becomes a tangible thing that can be viewed.
It was not just a long river of five-color spiritual light, but more like a long river of time intercepting a long period of light and shadow.
Just watching from a distance through the magic circle, after the disaster abatement, and with the skyrocketing increase in luck, Chu Weiyang seemed to be in trouble, and he actually felt the meaning of the Five Elements Escape Technique that he had mastered. It resonates with the smoke and dust.
It was as if what he was facing was not some ancient object, but an unimaginable and immeasurable treasure!
It is targeted and the only supreme medicine in the world that is effective for Chu Weiyang!
In a daze, Chu Weiyang even felt emotional.
Perhaps, this is the original appearance of this wisp of smoke and ancient artifacts. It is a product of the ancient Five Elements Sect when it was still at its peak. It is a treasure specially matched by the ancient sages of this sect for the practice of the Five Elements Escape Technique and the cultivation of the integration of