on kings went back to their respective places, while Wei Xiaobei went to the human gathering place.

Undoubtedly, the previous battles caused the humans in the human gathering place to fall into doomsday panic one by one.
It wasn’t until Wei Xiaobei appeared that the panic in the human gathering area calmed down.
This is Wei Xiaobei’s psychological support for the residents of Weijia Island.
If any news of Wei Xiaobei’s death spreads, I’m afraid this human gathering place will immediately fall into chaos.
When seeing Wei Xiaobei’s appearance, it wasn’t just the humans who were heartbroken, but also Tu Qingqing.
Wei Xiaobei hasn’t visited Tu Qingqing for a while.
After having a reunion dinner with their parents, younger brothers and sisters, Wei Xiaobei and Tu Qingqing returned to their villa in Qingmu Fudi.
Of course, compared to the villas on Weijia Island, the villas here are much simpler.
/But at this time, whether it is simple or luxurious is a trivial matter.
Wei Xiaobei touched Tu Qingqing’s belly and couldn’t help but sigh. He could feel that it would take a long time for the fetus in Tu Qingqing’s belly to be born.
It was not impossible for Wei Xiaobei to allow her to be born early, but it would definitely have an impact on the future of the fetus, so Wei Xiaobei couldn’t do it.
In the next week, Wei Xiaobei and Tu Qingqing chatted with each other, traveling around the Qingmu Blessed Land, making up for their previous neglect of Tu Qingqing.
On this day, Wei Xiaobei and Tu Qingqing traveled to the Dragon Tribe.
After the giant dragon clan came to Aoki Paradise, they settled on the seaside of Aoki Paradise.
Of course, compared to the sea in the real world, the sea in Aoki Paradise can only be said to be a huge lake.
But even so, the giant dragon family has established a large tribe here. Relying on their magical power, the giant dragons have built huge dragon nests on the seaside. The dragons are flying in the sky, looking like Quite fantasy.
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that after these giant dragons moved into Qingmu Paradise, with the continuous infusion of spiritual energy, some changes gradually occurred in the giant dragon clan.
The most significant changes here are those young dragons that have just hatched from dragon eggs.
/Compared to their parents, these young dragons possess the ability to communicate with auras from birth.
Well, after watching the moon rise, those young dragons and young dragons that fluttered their wings and flew to high places and began to swallow the moonlight, Wei Xiaobei had a strange look on his face.
This scene looks a bit weird.
Compared to Wei Xiaobei’s strange expression, Tu Qingqing was a little surprised by this scene. For Tu Qingqing, swallowing moonlight is a talent that the nine-tailed fox has since birth. The nine-tailed fox is born smart and does not need to be like other people. Monsters like this need to grow to a certain level before they can swallow the moonlight, use the power of the moonlight to cleanse their bodies, clear their souls, a