tures, King Ruyigaruda is a relatively high-end existence.

In the Tianzhu religion, King Garuda is the mount of Vishnu, and his status is so high that it can be said to be superior to many low-level gods.
In Buddhism, King Garuda is one of the Dharma protectors of Buddhism. Although this Dharma protector is much different from Arhats and other existences who have achieved fruition status, at least he has a good reputation.
Of course, it can also be seen from the above two aspects that this Garuda King is not too bad, but it is not too good either.
But the strength of the four-star disaster was enough for Wei Xiaobei to test the flaming red bird talisman he drew.
But having said that, the Garuda King didn’t seem to focus entirely on Wei Xiaobei, and his head was turned to the west.
At this time, in the west of the ruined city, a giant snake over 500 meters in size stood up, like a giant pillar in the night sky!
/“Dragon” King!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t even use omniscience to identify the other party’s identity.
Of course, this “dragon” king is not the Dragon King of the Four Seas of China, but the “dragon” king of the Eight Tribes.
/Like King Garuda, this “dragon” king has countless “dragons” under his command.
In fact, even now, there are thousands of “dragons” beside this “dragon” king. Most of these “dragons” are over a hundred meters in size. When they stand upright, they are like countless huge pillars emerging from the ground. .
To say that the momentum of this “dragon” king’s appearance is set off by those giant snakes, it is much stronger than that of King Yigaluluo.
But having said that, in myths and legends, the relationship between Garuda and the “dragon” is not very good, and they can even be said to be natural enemies.
As I said before, this Garuda eats one big “dragon” and five hundred small “dragons” every day!
Well, if it were anyone else who had to eat his own kind every day, the relationship between the two parties would probably not be good.
When the two sides met, their eyes were immediately filled with anger and hatred!
The two sides even almost threw Wei Xiaobei aside. After threatening each other and yelling, King Nagaluluo took the lead and dived towards the “Dragon” King, opening his mouth and spitting out a stream of golden flames. , trying to burn these “dragons” directly to death!
Indeed, in terms of the relationship in nature, Garuda is the natural enemy of the “dragon”, and naturally suppresses the “dragon” in terms of combat.
But the “Dragon” King was not to be outdone. He opened his mouth to offer sacrifices and a huge water column spurted out towards King Garuda. Seeing the “Dragon” King take action, the other “Dragon” did not hesitate at all and immediately followed suit. water column.
I have to say that when those “dragons” sprayed out water jets, the scene was extremely spectacular.
Thousands of water pillars rose from the ground and pointed directly at King Nagarura. When the golden flames collided with the water pillars, the golden flames indeed showed the nature of t