lso felt the power of this dragnet. If it is allowed to shrink, then even Wei Xiaobei will probably fall.

Although he could be resurrected instantly using the remaining blood, limbs, and minced meat, the taste of death was not pleasant, and Wei Xiaobei did not want to taste it again if it was not necessary.
After the Golden Crow appeared, it suddenly screamed loudly, and then the light and heat that surged out suddenly paused. The next moment, the light and heat quickly retracted, and disappeared back into Wei Xiaobei’s body in the blink of an eye.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei’s body was replaced by a faint white light!
But an inexplicable gravitational force suddenly emerged from Wei Xiaobei’s body and spread to all directions!
When this gravitational force collided with those dragnets, the dragnets suddenly collapsed and disappeared into the air in an instant!
The expressions of those heavenly soldiers and generals suddenly changed, and in the blink of an eye, they were all spitting out blood.
Those weaker heavenly soldiers actually fell to the sky one by one, like birds shot by birdshot, falling towards the sea.
Only those generals could barely hold on, but their faces were pale and their breath was extremely weak!
This situation is something they have never seen before.
The dragnet collapsed and disappeared!
You know, this dragnet has been around since the existence of heaven.
For an unknown period of time, the dragnet has been a must-have weapon for the heavenly soldiers and generals!
No matter what kind of monster you are, a giant monster, or a god who violates the laws of heaven, as long as you are caught in this dragnet, it is impossible to escape!
Whether he lives or dies, it all depends on the mood of the heavenly soldiers and generals.
But now the dragnet has collapsed and disappeared, which is beyond their expectations.
This kind of psychological blow even exceeds the backlash damage caused by the collapse of the dragnet!
/You know, relying on this dragnet, even thousands of two-star terrifying heavenly soldiers can take down four-star terrifying monsters, and even four-star disaster monsters. In the past battles, it can be said that they have been invincible!
But now, a mere human being caused the dragnet to collapse on its own!
What’s happening here?
Of course, these heavenly soldiers and generals have no idea what the problem is.
Let me first say that this dragnet was originally a creation of the Heavenly Court of the Gray Realm, and the space rules it followed were also those of the Gray Realm. However, in the real world, although it can still be effective, it has been greatly weakened.
There is no doubt about this.
Black hole!
/It goes without saying what a black hole is.
This magical power is to continuously condense and compress endless light and heat. After the concentration and compression reaches the extreme, a qualitative change will occur and a black hole will be formed!
However, Wei Xiaobei’s black hole magical power has just begun, so to be precise, it should be called t