e and current.

In any case, when Wei Xiaobei was about to enter the gray world and drank those bottles of liquor, he had barely mastered these two abilities.
When Wei Xiaobei woke up from his sleep, he took the lead in looking around.
The furnishings in the living room look a bit shabby, but they don’t look like they did hundreds of years ago when they entered the gray world.
Wei Xiaobei got up, put his backpack on his back, came to the window, and looked outside.
It was quiet outside, not much different from reality, and there didn’t seem to be much dust on the ground.
Is this because we are in the city?
When he came to the door, Wei Xiaobei reached out and pressed the switch on the wall. There was no response from the light. He smiled bitterly. He really thought too much.
This is the gray world. Although the coffee table, sofa, etc. don’t look very shabby when we come in this time, how can there be electricity here?
Well, the TV wasn’t that old, but it had a big hole in it.
When Wei Xiaobei went downstairs and left the community, he came to the street, which was empty.
If he didn’t take into account the slight dilapidation of the surrounding buildings, Wei Xiaobei would have felt that Baita County had suddenly turned into an empty city.
Walking to a store selling electrical appliances, Wei Xiaobei looked inside and saw that it was empty.
Next to the electrical appliance store was a canteen. Wei Xiaobei’s eyes lit up. Many places inside were empty, but the cigarette cabinet at the door was full.
Wei Xiaobei learned to smoke when he was in the army, but after he was discharged and working part-time, the economy was not very good, so he usually didn’t smoke much.
The reason is very simple. If you smoke, you have to spread the cigarette. If everyone spreads the cigarette to each other, the cigarette will be consumed quickly, which is detrimental to our own economy.
As a result, Wei Xiaobei finally had to make the decision not to smoke.
But there were actually cigarettes found in the gray world, which brought out the craving for cigarettes that lurked deep in Wei Xiaobei’s heart.
The smoke cabinet is locked.
But this did not pose any hindrance to Wei Xiaobei.
He grabbed the small lock with his right hand and twisted it hard.
There was a soft click and the smoke cabinet opened.
There are about twenty packs of cigarettes inside. After all, this cigarette cabinet is only used to display cigarettes, two packs of each kind.
After putting all the cigarettes into his backpack, Wei Xiaobei opened a pack of Zhonghua, and put one in his mouth happily. He rubbed the index finger and thumb of his right hand lightly and quickly, and a few sparks of electricity bloomed. The high temperature generated instantly, Lit the cigarette.
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, the green smoke then pierces outward like a spear.
/Wei Xiaobei sighed in admiration. Wei Xiaobei was reluctant to buy cigarettes like Zhonghua, which cost tens of dollars per pack. After making money through black boxing, he never thought