el down and lick the Commander of the Chinese Fleet.

No way, when the Chinese fleet notified the Java Kingdom to leave, a group of senior officials from the Java Kingdom rushed to the pier almost as if their parents were dead, and dragged the commander of the Chinese Fleet shamelessly. There are plans to recognize a godfather.
No way, at this time, any senior Javanese country, no matter what their views on the Chinese fleet, are aware of a real problem.
Based on the current situation of the Java Kingdom, if the Chinese fleet once withdraws, then the last bit of territory in the Java Kingdom will also fall into the hands of the indigenous gods, and they, the senior officials of the Java Kingdom, will also become bereaved dogs!
You know, after enjoying the delicious taste of power, when they thought that they would be beaten back to their original shape, or even worse, it would be difficult to find a place to stay, these senior officials of the Java Kingdom made up their minds, no matter what No matter what you say, you can’t let the Chinese fleet leave!
In other words, regardless of whether the Chinese fleet wants to be the leader or not, these senior officials of the Java Kingdom must let it be!
Asking powerful European and American allies for help?
Well, don’t be ridiculous, let alone whether those powerful European and American friends are willing to lend a helping hand at this time, just say that even if they are willing to send a fleet, by the time they arrive, the Kingdom of Java will probably no longer exist.
Of course, in fact, the Commander of the Chinese Fleet has no real intention to leave.
For China, this is a rare opportunity in the world to be able to legitimately lay a nail here.
Therefore an invitation from the legitimate government of Java is necessary.
In this way, this Chinese fleet accepted the invitation of Java and stayed there permanently.
Of course, as far as the current situation is concerned, it is impossible for the Chinese fleet to help the Java Kingdom conquer the country. They are only providing some protection so that the top leaders of the Java Kingdom have the opportunity to gather the remaining soldiers from various places and regroup.
To be honest, whether this nail can really stick here depends on the follow-up methods of the indigenous gods.
/If there is really no room for redemption, the Chinese fleet will immediately set off to return home without any hesitation.
Hearing this, Wei Xiaobei showed a satisfied smile on his face.
It must be said that Wei Xiaobei was a little worried before that if he struck too hard in the beginning, he would frighten the indigenous gods into cowering and dare not act rashly again.
Now it seems that those indigenous gods have ambitions after all.
/They probably wanted to establish a so-called divine kingdom on earth in the Kingdom of Java, so they finally launched a large-scale attack and sent the Kingdom of Java into the abyss of continuous decline.
Judging from the current situation, even after defeating the indigenous gods