the ink gun in his left hand!

The ink gun instantly broke a big hole in the giant dish immortal. The giant dish immortal was completely unable to turn into an incorporeal state at this time. In the blink of an eye, porcelain pieces were flying everywhere.
Of course, the giant dish fairy also released a trump card at this time.
The invisible power of the curse wrapped around Wei Xiaobei in an instant.
It’s hard to say what Wei Xiaobei would have done if he had been faced with such a strong curse power in the gray world or reality, and faced with the curse that the giant dish fairy finally desperately unleashed.
But now, this is the Aoki Blessed Land!
It is a miniature world created and controlled by Wei Xiaobei!
Therefore, at the moment when the power of the curse was formed and wrapped around Wei Xiaobei, the fireball hanging in the air seemed to wake up. A pillar of fire shot out from the fireball and fell on the giant dish fairy in an instant. .
There was an extremely violent explosion, and the invisible power of the curse was instantly swept away by the extremely rich positive energy.
The giant dish fairy was hit hard again, and the cracks on its body spread into open cracks in an instant, making it unable to move.
Just looking at the current appearance of this giant dish fairy, anyone would think that it is probably dead.
But in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, the aura of this giant dish immortal has not dissipated yet, and it is not dead yet!
Of course, at this time, the giant dish fairy had no room for struggle.
Wei Xiaobei stretched out his hands to grab the edge of the giant dish fairy, then suddenly used strength to lift it up and headed towards the quagmire.
When he reached the top of the quagmire, Wei Xiaobei showed no mercy and threw the giant dish fairy directly into the quagmire.
With a pop, the giant dish fairy fell into the quagmire like an abandoned dish, sinking half of it.
The mutant ivy growing around the quagmire was driven by Wei Xiaobei and quickly spread its vines towards the Diexian in the quagmire.
In order to prevent the giant dish fairy from struggling and to facilitate the absorption of ink, Wei Xiaobei threw down the ink gun again.
The ink gun fell from the air and inserted into the pool of ink of Die Xian.
“Forgive me!”
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei heard a slight sound that spread at the soul level.
/Is this the Giant Disc Fairy’s begging for mercy?
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei really didn’t know that spirits like Bixian and Dixian could communicate like this with others.
“Are you a dish fairy?”
/Although in the Aoki Paradise, this sound could not have come from any other creature besides Die Xian.
But Wei Xiaobei still needed to make sure.
“I am Wushuang Diexian! As long as you spare me and let me go, I will give you benefits!”
Such familiar words made Wei Xiaobei wonder whether the giant dish fairy had extracted many human souls and acquired many human memories. Otherwise, how could such a strange spirit like the giant dish fairy be talked about in such