‘s forehead.

If it were an ordinary person, under such an offensive, he would have been so frightened that his legs would become weak.
But who was Wei Xiaobei? He just watched the Largo monster larvae smash down. When the stylus was about to poke his forehead, he grabbed it with lightning in his left hand and directly grabbed the thin rod of the Largo monster larvae.
The thin rod of the monster larva was grabbed by Wei Xiaobei, and it struggled immediately. Unfortunately, its hands and feet were too short, and even Wei Xiaobei’s palms couldn’t reach it.
But even so, in the palm of Wei Xiaobei’s hand, the monster larvae struggled with great strength. It was only two feet away, but the burst of power made Wei Xiaobei feel a little uncontrollable, but the place where he started was as gentle as Jade also carries a little body temperature, like touching the human body.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei’s right hand grabbed one of the short legs of the Largo monster larvae. He pulled it lightly and felt that the short leg fell off on its own without any effort at all. The broken part was extremely smooth and there was no body fluid. The blood leached out, as if the short legs never grew here at all.
/“No! Stop it, you damn long-handed monster!”
At this moment, the strange larva suddenly spoke, like the sound of steel clashing and rubbing. Although the accent was a little weird, Wei Xiaobei could hear it clearly.
A monster with long hands?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but have a pensive look on his face, and his eyes couldn’t help but fall on his arms. Indeed, his arms were indeed much longer than those of this monster larvae. It made sense to be called a long-handed monster.
“You can talk? What’s going on here? How do you cross the lime line?”
Wei Xiaobei gave a light drink, but it had no effect. The Largo monster larvae did not reply at all according to Wei Xiaobei’s intention. It just kept shouting, what about long-hand monsters, long-legged monsters, big-mouth monsters, in short Wei Xiaobei now had seven or eight more names in the mouth of this monster larvae.
/Seeing that he was unable to communicate with this strange larvae, Wei Xiaobei felt a little angry and stretched out his hand to tear off all the short arms and legs from its body.
The hands and feet were also a bit strange. After being torn off, they immediately became light and fluffy, and then disintegrated on their own, turning into dust and disappearing in the hands.
But even so, the Largo monster larvae did not stop talking at all, and the words it spoke became more and more weird, and it did not die because its hands and feet were torn off.
Wei Xiaobei ignored the larvae monster and looked around. Just when he caught the larvae monster, the other larvae monsters had already approached Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun one after another. In a firefight.
The saplings controlled by Zhu Xinyi had stretched out their roots all over the sky, and together they formed a net of tree roots, trapping the larvae of the Laotian monsters that jumped over first and throwing them