rushed to less than 500 meters away from Wei Xiaobei, Spider Girl suddenly felt the danger.

This is the unique talent of ghosts in the gray world of Japan. Survival here is extremely difficult. It often happens among ghosts that big fish eat small fish and small fish eat mimi fish. Therefore, as a weak spider girl, After surviving for a long time, one naturally possesses this talent similar to premonition.
But before Spider Girl could decide whether to continue to step forward to get the feast or turn around and run away, a wisp of breeze flew past Spider Girl’s neck.
In an instant, Spider Girl felt her vision constantly changing. First she saw her headless body, and then she could only see the loess on the ground.
Of course, at this time, Wei Xiaobei didn’t care at all about the Spider Girl who came unexpectedly.
For him, it was as simple as accidentally swatting a mosquito to death while he was sleeping soundly.
In fact, in the following time, all ghosts that broke into the 500-meter radius of Wei Xiaobei, regardless of their strength, were eventually killed by a gust of breeze.
When Wei Xiaobei opened his eyes again, there were ghost corpses everywhere.
This made Wei Xiaobei a little stunned, but after a little search in his memory, Wei Xiaobei understood the origin of these ghost corpses.
/This was something Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect.
I just studied the wind rules for a while, but some of the effects of the wind rules on the outside world caused the death of all the ghosts who broke into this place.
Undoubtedly, this also reminded Wei Xiaobei that as his strength becomes stronger, whether it is to study rules or magical powers, he must choose an uninhabited place in the future.
If you were to study these things in a densely populated area, it would simply be the rhythm of a massacre.
After all, I am no longer the young man who first entered the gray world.
Wei Xiaobei gently blew out a breath, which turned into a tornado in a blink of an eye, sweeping around Wei Xiaobei. All the corpses of ghosts and monsters who died because of Wei Xiaobei were swept up in the raging tornado. , continuously shattered, and finally turned into fragments mixed in the wind. After a circle of light and heat rose from the tornado, the corpses had been reduced to ashes and fell to the ground with the wind, and no trace could be seen anymore. .
Yes, Not Bad.
Wei Xiaobei gave himself a thumbs up.
Although he had only taken one step further in his research on the rules of wind, after slightly merging it with the rules of light and heat, Wei Xiaobei found that its attack effect was beyond his expectation.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei should have researched such a method a long time ago, but there were too many things to do and no time to research, so it was delayed.
Next, Wei Xiaobei did not spend too much time in the gray world and returned to reality.
After returning to reality, Wei Xiaobei received a series of text message notifications as soon as he took out his mobile phone from the storage ring.
Wei Xiaobei took a quick