There are many gray monsters even in China, the most famous of which is probably the Qixue Army under Genghis Khan.

The Qixue Army was a royal army formed by Genghis Khan in order to stabilize his rule. He specially selected officials and nobles from hundreds, thousands, ten thousand households, etc., to establish a royal forest army. Each of its sergeants was powerful, with a total of up to 10,000 people, but it helped Genghis Khan consolidate his imperial power. He has made great contributions.
It can be said that the status of any of these soldiers will not be lower than that of the head of Qianhu.
In addition, there are Khitan cavalry, Jin Kingdom’s Iron Buddha, Kaizi horses, and Hu soldiers and horses from the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, etc.
Once these ancient alien soldiers and horses appear, they will cause harm to one side and cause wars to break out in China.
Fortunately, these foreign soldiers and horses appeared, and at the same time, soldiers and horses of the orthodox Chinese dynasty appeared. The soldiers and horses of the Great Qin, the Great Han, the Great Tang, the Great Song, etc., once they appeared, members of the investigation teams dispatched by the Chinese Special Commission to all parties He would risk his life by contacting him.
It should be said that at this time, the covenant signed by China with Yue Yun and other ancient generals played a big role.
As long as it is confirmed that they are soldiers and horses of Great Qin, Great Tang, and Great Song, then Yue Yun and others will send troops to accompany the members of the investigation team to convince the other party.
The only trouble is the Han Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty and other ancient forces that have not signed an alliance before.
However, Zhu Xinyi and others did not mess around in vain. They brought a team of white-horse followers and visited them one by one. Although it may not have the effect of intimidating the other party in terms of muscles, it at least allowed the other party to listen to their own opinions.
/As a result, the soldiers and horses of these ancient dynasties reluctantly signed an alliance with the Chinese Parliament and began to use their strength to deal with the foreign soldiers and horses.
Of course, the exclusive think tank of the Chinese Parliament also raised a question.
That is, although these ancient dynasty soldiers and horses signed a covenant and began to contribute, in fact they were not reliable.
Think tanks pointed out that once a king-level figure appears in these dynasties, the covenant between the two parties is likely to be void!
The most serious result is that the other party wants to rebuild their own dynasty!
This is not impossible.
Emperor Qin, Emperor Wu of Han, Emperor Zong of Tang and Song Dynasty and other founding kings in history, which one is not a lord with unparalleled splendor and majesty?
What? Are modern Chinese people the descendants of these people?
Don’t be ridiculous, in front of Lu Ding, not to mention how many generati