At this moment, Xu Ying came with a punch, and Ding Quan hurriedly raised his hand to meet it, thinking: “It’s still this move! I’ve seen it before.”

However, Xu Ying’s fist suddenly stretched out, and his five fingers jumped and quickly touched his root-covered arm!
Every time Xu Ying’s fingertips moved, he felt his body become numb, as if his muscles and tendons were disconnected from the brain and lost their sensitivity!
Xu Ying walked close to him, her fingers flying around and tapping all over his body.
The willow roots on Ding Quan’s body slumped down like a dead snake and fell to the ground, while the willow branches that were attacking Xian Qi suddenly lost control and returned to normal.
Ding Quan stood there blankly, his limbs completely numb, and a great fear surged in his heart, which was the fear of death.
“Ding Quan, I told you that killing you would be easy.”
Xu Ying pointed back, tapped the back of his head, and said, “Look, I didn’t lie to you.”
There was no wound on the back of Ding Quan’s head, but his forehead suddenly exploded, his body shook, and he fell to the ground.
“Although “Ni Wan Hidden Scenery Qi Refining Method” does not say the exact location of the Ni Wan secret, judging from the operation path of the technique, the Ni Wan secret comes from the brain.”
Xu Ying turned around and said to Ding Quan’s body, “I understand the path of your Nuo technique and your Nuo technique moves, so it’s very simple to kill you. You shouldn’t kill Wei Chu, his skills I have never seen this law before, so I can’t break it in a short while.”
/Xian Qi swam down from the roof of the main hall and said quickly: “What are you explaining to the corpse? It’s dawn, let’s leave quickly, otherwise we will be stuck on the rocky mountain!”
/Xu Ying limped after him and said, “I’m afraid he dies in an unknown way. I heard from the villagers that if he dies in an unknown way, he will turn into a ghost.”
“Do you believe this? You’re just kidding!”
As soon as they walked out of the ruined temple, they saw Huang Siping, the God of Stone Mountain, standing not far outside the temple gate.
Xu Ying and An Qi felt awe-struck in their hearts.
They are all injured at the moment. If they are held back by Huang Siping again, they will definitely be doomed!
Huang Siping seemed not to have seen them, and said to himself: “After you go down the mountain, don’t go northwest. I got news yesterday that there are many mountain gods and grass-headed gods waiting for you to surrender. You go southwest, along the Anzi If you go to the mountains and mountains, the gods there will go to the northwest.”
He turned into a three-legged demon wolf, staggered down the mountain, and said, “When you get to Jianshan, you’d better take a bath. You are covered in blood and have a strong smell. The demon god can track you based on the smell.”
Xu Ying called him: “God of Stone Mountain, why did you let us go?”
Huang Siping stopped, glanced back at Xu Ying, thought for a moment, and said, “Maybe it’s because you have a devilish nature