arded as a general term for religious people in Japan. If it is more detailed, in addition to the priests and priests of shrines, there are also Buddhist monks and Christian priests.

After the outbreak of ghosts, these priests more or less gained some abilities and thus stood out.
It should be said that this military base originally had no priests, but there were some among the refugees, which is why the military base has been able to hold on for so long.
Hearing Wei Xiaobei’s question, Takeda Ueno hurriedly leaned on his legs, stood upright, raised his head and replied, “There are seventeen priests left.”
“Tell them to come to meeting me in conference room three.”
Wei Xiaobei immediately arranged for Takeda Ueno to find someone.
Takeda Ueno bent down and then turned around and left.
However, Takeda Ueno was also making his own evaluation of Wei Xiaobei in his mind.
To put it simply, Takeda Ueno is a very ambitious person. To use an ancient Chinese proverb to describe him, he is a person who is sharp and powerful.
Takeda Ueno wanted to gain power and a higher status, which can be seen from his initial willingness to apply for the military academy.
You know, Japan is a country, even though it is called a modern country, in fact, the remnants of feudalism from ancient times still exist in its social system.
If people from ordinary families want to succeed, if they are not very lucky, it will be impossible.
After graduating from college, you join a company and start as a low-level employee. After more than ten years, if you are lucky and work seriously, you may become a section chief, but thirty years later you will still be an ordinary employee.
Most of the people who reach the top of the company are related to the president.
Most of the bosses of those big companies are descendants of certain nobles in the past.
Takeda Ueno applied for the military academy because his family was ordinary and he wanted to develop in the military.
But when Takeda Ueno graduated from the military academy and joined the army, he realized that the Japanese army was not much different from the large companies in society.
/Those colleagues who have been promoted frequently have family backgrounds that are simply not comparable to mine.
Therefore, it has been fifteen years since Takeda Ueno Military Academy graduated, and he is still only a small second lieutenant.
But with the large-scale appearance of ghosts and monsters, the entire Japanese social system collapsed, allowing Takeda Ueno to see a glimmer of opportunity.
Especially after all the top brass at the military base died and Wei Xiaobei appeared, Takeda Ueno’s ambition jumped to life.
/After this period of time, Takeda Ueno has seen it clearly.
In such troubled times, ordinary people, even if they have the most advanced weapons, are just a piece of cake in front of ghosts and monsters!
Only by following those strong people who can display magical abilities can you realize your ambitions!
Of course, if you want to be the lord of Takeda Ueno, it is impossible to