“I’m teasing you.” Liu Changan smiled, “so that you don’t get too nervous.”

Liu Changan untied the slipknot, tied the rope around Li Hongfang’s waist, and pulled it a little harder. It was very strong (this not only refers to the knotting of the rope being stable and strong, but also refers to the strong muscles on Li Hongfang’s waist, and the previous description of her. Body description echoes).
Li Hongfang pulled the rope around her waist and climbed in from the thief’s cave. With this combat uniform as protection, even if the robber’s cave suddenly collapsed, her life would be safe until Liu Changan pulled her out.
The air in the tomb had been changed the last time he entered the cave, so Li Hongfang didn’t waste any time and climbed in quickly. He said to Liu Changan who was behind him, “Brother Liu, we dug up a black snake last time, which is a non-venomous python. It almost swallowed a man.”
“You killed it?”
“No, it ran away. In fact, we saved it. Otherwise, with the current state of dead snakes and fish outside, the hibernating black snake would also be dead.”
/“You robbed a tomb and also saved a nationally protected animal. Do you want me to give you a thumbs up?”
Li Hongfang stopped talking. She went in and out of this hole many times, and some of the places that might have collapsed still had the original supporting boards.
Soon Li Hongfang and Liu Changan entered the tomb, and Liu Changan let out a long breath. He had been following Li Hongfang just now, because her butt was twisting around, and Liu Changan had been worried that she would fart.
Fortunately not.
/There is a distance from the cave entrance to the bottom of the tomb, and there is still a combination ladder made of ultra-light materials. It seems to be much more advanced than the combination bamboo ladders of the Xiling warriors.
Li Hongfang and Liu Changan both jumped down from the entrance of the cave. It was obvious that they did not fully estimate the direction when digging the cave, but it was good to be able to get through the hole to the tomb in one go.
Liu Changan took a flashlight and shined it around. Li Hongfang judged that this was a large tomb from the Eastern Han Dynasty. As a professional, her judgment was correct. This was also true based on Liu Changan’s somewhat familiar experience.
Due to the long history of the large tombs in the Han Dynasty, tomb robbers were rampant in the past dynasties, resulting in a situation where nine of the ten chambers of the Han tombs were empty. Countless ancient objects were scattered in all directions, and very few of them were dug up by tomb robbers and still preserved in the country.
The tomb of Marquis Haihun of so and so in the next province was well preserved thanks to the earthquake that caused the entire tomb to be flooded. Such a large underwater tomb is not something that tomb robbers can enter.
The tomb in front of him was well preserved, but Liu Changan was a little confused. Li Hongfang was a professional. Could it be that no other professional in the past dynasties c