Kun is undoubtedly the same as the master.

On Weijia Island, apart from Wei Xiaobei, the only people who can control Huang Kun are Tu Qingqing and Zhu Xinyi.
Huang Kun’s excited shouting earlier had already called out everyone with keen ears in the villa area.
The person standing at the front was naturally Tu Qingqing, the mistress of Wei Family Island, followed by a group of disciples and so on.
Wei Xiaobei hadn’t seen his wife for a long time, so he was a little excited. He stepped forward and hugged Tu Qingqing. After saying a few words of farewell, he reached out and touched Tu Qingqing’s belly. He couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled: “Why haven’t you shown your pregnancy yet?”
You know, before Wei Xiaobei left Weijia Island for Japan, Tu Qingqing was almost three months pregnant. Now counting the time, it was nine months. If it were a normal human being, she would be almost pregnant.
But Tu Qingqing is so good here, let alone after giving birth, even her belly has not bulged, making people completely unaware that she is a pregnant woman.
“What are you doing? There are so many people.”
Facing Wei Xiaobei’s affection, Tu Qingqing felt a rare shyness, knocked off Wei Xiaobei’s offending hand, and said with a smile: “When my mother was pregnant with me, she was pregnant for thirty-six years and seven months. This is just the beginning.”
/Thirteen years and six months?
Thinking about it, that Qingqiu lineage is a unique existence, and can be regarded as the darling of heaven and earth. The pregnancy period is thirty-six years and seven months, which is considered normal.
After all, for a being like this, the pregnancy time will not be short.
This made Wei Xiaobei a little confused. If she was pregnant for more than thirty-six years, it would be a bit sad. If her parents want to see their grandchildren, they have to wait for thirty-six years?
Fortunately, my parents are not here.
While Wei Xiaobei was still in a state of confusion, a group of disciples also came up.
Zhu Xinyi and Tian Yuwen, plus several of Tu Qingqing’s apprentices.
Wei Xiaobei now has eight direct disciples. Xiao Bailing and Cheng Dalong went to Cuihu City to take charge of the Gray Gang and get some training.
In addition to Zhang Tiantian and Li Lanxing, Tu Qingqing also accepted an apprentice that Wei Xiaobei had not expected!
Zhang Jinhua!
She was the nymphomaniac who once pestered Wei Xiaobei!
Well, this girl once gave Wei Xiaobei a huge headache. Fortunately, later on, Zhang Jinhua fell in love with Shan Bing, the son of the chairman of Huayang Group!
The soldier didn’t know which line had been crossed and actually married Zhang Jinhua.
Because of this, Wei Xiaobei no longer has to worry about Zhang Jinhua.
After accepting Zhang Jinhua’s visit with a smile, Wei Xiaobei stretched out his hand, and two more turtle-like fruits appeared in his hand.
This was naturally not an ordinary fruit, but the Dragon Turtle Fruit that Wei Xiaobei picked from the Dragon Turtle Island in the South China Sea of ??the Gray Realm.