‘s hands were already attached to the Dragon Fire Cauldron.

The translucent liquid was slowly transforming into a kitchen knife. During this period, Wei Xiaobei added several runes into it to strengthen the blade.
The drop of black juice from the melted straw fell on the blade of the kitchen knife, spreading a thin layer on the blade of the kitchen knife.
/Finally, Wei Xiaobei drew several sharp runes on the dragon fire cauldron and prepared to blend them into the blade of the kitchen knife. However, what Wei Xiaobei never expected was that these sharp runes could not be blended in at all. Eventually it disintegrated and dissipated on its own.
This made Wei Xiaobei a little confused.
When the kitchen knife was completely shaped and taken out of the dragon fire cauldron, Wei Xiaobei took a look at it with his omniscience and finally understood.
Name: Dragon’s Kitchen Knife (Second Class Immortal)
Introduction: This kitchen knife was made by Wei Xiaobei using the corpse of the strange beast Dragon Tiger, supplemented by dragon fire.
Effect 1: Extremely sharp. Due to the characteristics of the straw, the sharpness of this kitchen knife has reached the extreme in the world!
Effect 2: Maintain the sharpness. After the dragon’s kitchen knife is no longer sharp, you only need to rub it lightly on any stone a hundred times to restore its sharpness.
Effect 3: Sturdy, this kitchen knife is stronger than other kitchen knives.
It should be said that the quality of this dragon’s kitchen knife is not high.
You must know that the dragon’s corpse is the material of the first-class immortal product, but the refined dragon’s kitchen knife is only a second-class immortal product, and it does not have much effect and looks extremely ordinary.
But Wei Xiaobei was extremely satisfied with this kitchen knife.
Not to mention other effects, just the extremely sharp effect made Wei Xiaobei extremely satisfied.
A kitchen knife can be the sharpest in the world, what else is there to be dissatisfied about?
No wonder the sharp runes couldn’t be integrated into the blade of this dragon’s kitchen knife.
It is already extremely sharp, it has reached the extreme level of sharpness, how can it be strengthened!
Without even taking back the dragon fire cauldron, Wei Xiaobei stood in front of the cutting board with a kitchen knife. He washed the kitchen knife with clean water. After removing the residual fire smell on the kitchen knife, he pressed the wild boar meat with his left hand, and the kitchen knife in his right hand quietly Cut it.
I have to say that the feeling of using a Longhao kitchen knife is completely different from other kitchen knives.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t even feel that he used much force, and the kitchen knife fell into the air.
That’s right, it’s the feeling of being disappointed.
With one stroke of the knife, a piece of the originally extremely hard golden wild boar meat was gently cut off, and even the cutting board below and the table where the cutting board was placed were also cut off.
When Wei Xiaobei gently