merican guy.

After being thrown away by Huang Kun once, this guy had been busy communicating among the passengers during the two days on the island, making alarmist remarks about fattening everyone and killing delicious meat.
Although most of the passengers didn’t quite believe what he said, by this time, everyone believed him, which was why the commotion started.
/After understanding this, Huang Kun was so angry that he almost got rid of the fat guy directly.
Next, the white-horse Yi Cong didn’t say much and just violently drove them away. In two or three strokes, they threw all the passengers and sailors onto the passenger ship. As for the emergency fee, Huang Kun didn’t have any money with him and didn’t want to pay it.
But having said that, after these people were caught on the passenger ship, they realized that what the pirates said was true.
When the captain trembled and started to drive the passenger ship out of the storm, these passengers collapsed on the ground one by one. They were so excited that they could escape from death. After consuming a lot of energy in a short period of time, they could no longer stand.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t care which direction the passenger ship was heading, and immediately sent out Bai Ma Yi to explore the surroundings, making sure to find the aircraft carrier formation in the shortest possible time.
Although the aircraft carrier formation is huge, it is really difficult to find these more than ten white horse soldiers on the vast sea.
So next, Wei Xiaobei simply bred a batch of flying fish.
Well, these flying fish are not much different from real flying fish, except that their muscles are stronger, allowing them to skim across the sea at faster speeds.
As this batch of more than 100,000 flying fish spread around, a huge search network was immediately formed. As long as any flying fish found a steel ship made by humans, a signal would be sent back to Wei Xiaobei.
Next, it’s all about waiting.
Three hours later, Bai Mayi rushed back one by one. This was the time limit given by Wei Xiaobei to prevent them from being unable to rush back before the war started.
The results of Bai Ma Yicong’s search were as Wei Xiaobei expected. They did not find the aircraft carrier formation.
This made Wei Xiaobei wonder if he had missed the aircraft carrier formation.
Just when Wei Xiaobei was considering whether to release another batch of flying fish, a flying fish sent back a signal. Wei Xiaobei then connected his consciousness with the flying fish and started to check it.
Although Wei Xiaobei saw through Feiyu’s eyes and the surrounding environment seemed blurry, he still saw the steel giant that was sailing slowly not far away!
That’s right!
More than a dozen steel battleships that looked extremely huge to Feiyu!
But having said that, this aircraft carrier formation almost missed it. It was two hundred and eighty nautical miles northwest of the Tortoise Demon King!
After identifying the target, Wei Xiaobei immediately asked the Xuan Turtle Demon King to change direction and