is Aoki Blessed Land.

At this time, Wei Xiaobei no longer cared about the little girl’s cuteness, and grabbed the little girl who was trying to escape, and then his eyes fell on the little girl.
All-knowing is activated!
In an instant, the little girl trembled and her face turned extremely pale, as if she was seriously ill.
It can feel an extreme fear, as if it has offended some powerful existence.
Name: Sophora japonica.
Race: Creation creature.
Gender: Female.
Age: 0.2 years old.
Creature level: Two-star terror.
Weaknesses: Positive energy, fire.
Attributes: (omitted)
/Skill: Flying.
Special abilities: body deformation, wood escape, plant manipulation,
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
Possessions: None.
To be honest, when Wei Xiaobei read all the attributes of this locust tree spirit, he couldn’t help but let out a long breath.
Combining its attribute table with Qingniu’s previous introduction, Wei Xiaobei thought for a moment and roughly understood what this locust tree spirit was about.
According to ancient mythological records, Pangu was born in chaos, rose up to create the world, and finally died of exhaustion. His body and limbs turned into the four poles of the earth and famous mountains in the five directions, his blood turned into oceans and rivers, and the breath exhaled from his mouth and nose turned into wind and clouds. The sinews, teeth and bones turned into metal and precious jade, the muscles turned into soil, the hair turned into stars, the left eye turned into the sun, the right eye turned into the moon, and the sweat turned into nectar.
After that, the first creatures born between heaven and earth were all famous beings in ancient mythology.
The soul of Pangu transformed into the Taoist ancestor Sanqing, the incarnation of the way of heaven, and Xiao Dingding transformed into Fuxi, the ancestor god of Chinese humanities and one of the three emperors.
Pangu’s breasts transformed into Nuwa, and together with Fuxi, she was the ancestral god of the Chinese people. It is said that she created the human race in one day and was regarded as the first mother goddess by the Chinese. Later, the theory of mending the sky made her status extremely noble.
There is also the filth of Pangu who transformed into an ancient witch clan, without a soul, but with innate magical powers, and became the lord of the ancient earth.
In addition, Donghuang Taiyi, Dijun, and Xihe who were born in the sun are all ancient sun gods. Among them, Donghuang Taiyi is the lord of the ancient heaven. He competes with the witch clan and leads many demon gods in heaven!
Chang Xi, who was born in the moon, later gave birth to the twelve moons with Emperor Jun, making it twelve months every year now.
In addition, Zhulong, the god of Zhongshan, has day when he opens his eyes, night when he closes his eyes, winter when he inhales, summer when he exhales, and his body is thousands of miles long.
/And the original Phoenix and so on.
The existences listed above are the so-called creation c