es did not change much after absorbing the green aura.

But the aura of life they appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes was slowly changing.
This so-called halo of life is actually the brilliance of living things in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
/The stronger the creature, the stronger the life aura outside its body. For example, the seraph, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, is just a dazzling white ball of light!
As for ordinary insects, the aura of life on their bodies is almost invisible.
Seeing that these soul fragments were indeed useful after being sent into space, Wei Xiaobei immediately recorded the creatures that had absorbed the green aura and let Fireball observe their changes at any time.
“I’ll rest here today.”
Wei Xiaobei did not enter the wooden houses that looked like they were about to collapse. Instead, he chose an open space and took out an iron pot, some food, and drinking water from the storage ring.
The needle girl was smarter now. When she saw that Wei Xiaobei had decided to camp, she immediately went to collect some firewood, lit a bonfire in the open space, placed an iron pot on it, poured in drinking water, and put in food , and started cooking seriously.
There were probably only those ghosts in this abandoned fishing village. Wei Xiaobei then walked around the fishing village and found no more ghosts.
When Wei Xiaobei returned to the clearing, the needle girl had already cooked a steaming pot of oden.
Well, this oden is a unique food in Japan.
To put it bluntly, it means putting the ingredients in separate iron lattice pots and slowly simmering them with the soup stock.
Of course, this needle girl’s method is closer to a big stew.
Fish caught from the sea, wild vegetables found in the wild, and even Wei Xiaobei’s barbecue, etc. were put together in the pot, and the fire burned fiercely!
Wei Xiaobei’s nose twitched. Naturally, this big pot of stew was not as good as the dishes he made.
But I have to say that this needle girl still has some talent for cooking. She makes a big stew and cooks it well.
Of course, this is also because of Wei Xiaobei’s barbecue.
In any case, having food to eat without having to do anything by himself made Wei Xiaobei feel more at ease.
/No wonder that in ancient times, wealthy families liked to hire a group of servants to serve them.
If Wei Xiaobei was the one cooking the food, no matter how good the taste was, Wei Xiaobei would not feel too happy.
She’s just a needle girl, but she still has to wait on her?
But perhaps it was the aroma of the food that spread out. Before Wei Xiaobei took a few bites, the sound of a large group of footsteps could be heard outside the fishing village.
They were a group of little ghosts. The so-called little ghosts were small animals that mutated towards the ghosts under the influence of the ghosts.
For example, the raccoon cat in Japanese ghost mythology that likes to play tricks on people is one example.
However, the little ghost that was attracted by the smell of food at this time was not a harmless ghost like a tanuki.
There are even