red Xiao Hong out of her deep sleep.

Xiaohong poked her head out of her pocket and saw the mushrooms rushing towards Wei Xiaobei. She couldn’t help but chirped happily, then rushed out of her pocket and turned into a red line, constantly passing over the ground, hunting for prey. Pick up those mushrooms.
Seeing Xiaohong regaining consciousness, Wei Xiaobei didn’t leave in a hurry.
Anyway, it is unlikely that Little Red Riding Hood’s big house will disappear. Instead, it is better to let Little Red Riding Hood replenish her nutrition at this time, so that she can use her strength to deal with Little Red Riding Hood later.
/To deal with these animated creatures, it would be great if Ao Yan could come over.
With Ao Yan’s strength, if nothing else, if he lay down there, the high temperature generated by his body would be enough to form a magma lake around him. Those animated creatures would not be Ao Yan’s opponent at all.
Although Xiao Hong is also very powerful, he is only in his infancy after all. Judging from previous experience, it may take a while for him to recover after using his ultimate move. Compared to the high temperature that Ao Yan releases all the time, there is still a lot of trouble. difference.
Xiaohong’s speed was very fast. She drew a circle around Wei Xiaobei and continued to extend outwards. The mushrooms disappeared after the red line passed by.
In less than a minute, all the mushrooms within a 500-meter radius of Wei Xiaobei disappeared.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei sighed a little.
/This little red’s appetite is really scary.
If all the animated creatures of Nieros are killed in the future, it will be hard to find food for Xiao Hong.
Compared to Wei Xiaobei’s sigh, Metz, who was being carried on Pu Ren’s back, was already dumbfounded.
She didn’t know what the red line was at all, but she could see that the red line kept destroying the mushrooms.
In her heart, Wei Xiaobei was so powerful. His various mysterious and weird methods had shocked her to the point where she didn’t know what to say. Her eyes when she looked at Wei Xiaobei were filled with admiration, awe and even a hint of admiration. .
After all the mushrooms within a kilometer radius of Wei Xiaobei were wiped out, Xiao Hong landed on Wei Xiaobei’s shoulder with some lingering thoughts. He jumped twice to show that he had recovered, and then lay down. , combing its feathers with its short beak from time to time.
Seeing that Xiaohong had recovered, Wei Xiaobei felt relieved.
Along the way, the number of mushrooms around them continued to decrease. When Wei Xiaobei saw the big yellow house from a distance, there were no mushrooms around.
There was only a large yellow European-style house standing alone on this small piece of plain, with several large mushrooms wandering around.
Let Mei Si and Pu Ren wait on a hilltop while Wei Xiaobei lurked towards the big yellow house alone.
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that the security around this big house was extremely loose. The big mushrooms wandering around had no sense of s