passing by.

Just looking at the size of this shark fishing camp, we can tell that Zhao Tong has done a good job during this period.
/When he reached the entrance of the shark fishing camp, Zhao Tong rushed out to welcome him. When he saw Wei Xiaobei, he hurriedly raised his hands: “Second uncle, are you here?”
“Well, where’s your dad?”
“It’s over there at the camp.”
After some exchanges, Wei Xiaobei learned that after Ao Huo, the ninth prince of the South China Sea, defected to Ao Yan, he had nothing to do for a day. When he saw Zhao Tong and his people fishing at sea, he simply helped to collect the fish in the surrounding waters. They were driven over, which saved the shark fishing camp a lot of effort.
Of course, this is also because the aquarium in this chaotic sea area has nothing to do with him. If it is the fish school in the South China Sea, it will definitely not work.
Zhao Tong is now the captain of the shark fishing camp and has a lot of official duties, so he can’t accompany Xiaobei much.
After Wei Xiaobei said goodbye, he went straight to the desert.
I haven’t seen Ao Yan for a while, and Wei Xiaobei misses him more or less.
The desert has become even hotter. The temperature may have exceeded 70 degrees, and the surface temperature has exceeded 80 degrees. It is almost impossible for ordinary humans to survive here.
When Wei Xiaobei saw a lava lake appear, a red light flew over and landed on Wei Xiaobei’s shoulder in the blink of an eye.
But it was Xiao Hong.
Compared with before, Xiaohong seemed to be redder to Wei Xiaobei now.
It should be that his strength has improved.
However, Wei Xiaobei’s omniscience was of no use to Xiao Hong. Wei Xiaobei had known this before.
/Near the magma lake, Wei Xiaobei did not find Ao Yan’s huge body, only a stone house.
As Wei Xiaobei walked over, not long after, a young man ran out from the stone house. Well, he looked younger than Zhao Guang, only eleven years old at most. He had a pair of small little eyes on his forehead. Dragon Horn, with a fire dragon tattoo on his forehead, and wearing fiery red costume.
However, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be startled by the familiar aura radiating from this young man, and then asked hesitantly: “Are you Ao Yan? How did you become a human?”
This kind of aura coming from the soul level is difficult to deceive, so Wei Xiaobei immediately confirmed the other party’s identity.
The boy-like Ao Yan looked very excited and lively, and nodded: “Wei Xiaobei, why did it take you so long to come back? It’s so boring here!”
After saying that, Ao Yan pulled Wei Xiaobei into the stone house.
Well, to be precise, this is a suite with two bedrooms, one living room and one kitchen.
Kitchen, yes, Ao Yan directly pulled Wei Xiaobei into the kitchen, and then looked at Wei Xiaobei with his big bright eyes: “I’m hungry.”
Well, Ao Yan was probably used to Wei Xiaobei being his chef.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the iron pot that had been burned into strange shapes by the fire, and the stove that was half turned into magma and then s