Translated into Chinese, it is: flower mushroom, three-hour growth cycle, slightly poisonous, the strongman in the mushroom plain
Well, I have to say that Wei Xiaobei felt a little headache.
How can the altar of life be modified and adjusted with DNA like this?
If the Phoenix’s genes can be completely cracked even after spending a lot of time, then even if the mushroom’s genes are completely cracked, the Life Altar cannot use its genes to cultivate organisms.
This is a completely different life form.
But then again, this is just because the current altar of life cannot use its genes.
If the Altar of Life continues to advance, there may be some hope.
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei recorded the small dots of the animated mushroom into the gene bank.
Although it is impossible to crack and exploit now, it may not be possible in the future.
At this time, the common people following Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma Wolf sent back a message.
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei established a spiritual connection with the Napu people.
Then, the images formed by the eyes of the people following Little Red Riding Hood appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
However, the scene formed by several pairs of eyes appears in the mind, which is quite three-dimensional, as if several three-dimensional cameras are running.
Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma Wolf had now returned to a big yellow house.
A group of big mushrooms about the same height as people quickly ran out of the big yellow house. These big mushrooms were wearing tuxedos. They cheered when they saw Little Red Riding Hood and stepped forward to serve Little Red Riding Hood.
Some mushrooms climbed up on Little Red Riding Hood’s shoulders to help clean the dust, some were responsible for the chest and back, and two big mushrooms were responsible for guiding the way in front. The last big mushroom used a rope to tie Grandma Wolf up and tie it. On the fence in front of the big house.
Not long after, shrill screams came from the big yellow house and thick smoke rose from the chimney.
A strange fragrance drifted into the nostrils of ordinary people.
There is no doubt that this big house is the residence of Little Red Riding Hood.
There was no point in staying here anymore. Wei Xiaobei thought for a moment and then asked the Napu people to carry Mesi on his back and leave along the route left by the Napu people.
Not long after Wei Xiaobei moved forward, some mushrooms in the flower field began to move.
At this point, these mushrooms should be mature.
However, compared to the mushrooms in Fairy Tale Port, the newly born mushrooms here are not that aggressive. Only some mushrooms that appeared on the way forward were interested in Wei Xiaobei and rushed towards him screaming.
The number of these mushrooms was relatively small, so Wei Xiaobei could easily crush them.
/Just the strong wind caused by the rapid thrust of the ink gun can tear these mushrooms into pieces.
However, after these mushrooms were torn apart by the wind, a special smell was released that lu