like tea.

Palace Master Yan was unmoved, knowing full well who was the boss here. After observing for a while, he said, “I can see the Luan bird in the picture, as well as the incomplete image of the Five Elements.”
“Except for birds, there is no humanoid creature with arms and legs?”
Yan Xiaoshuang shook her head, and there was a creature in front of her. At first glance, it looked very similar to a human being.
/Lu Bei waved his hand to cool off Yan Xiaoshuang. He walked around in front of the visualization chart, thinking about more possibilities, and then overturned them one by one.
Behind the scenes, the two Han Miaojun were in love with each other as sisters, and they were sarcastic about the newcomer Yan Xiaoshuang.
For a time, the tea energy in the underground palace exploded, reaching another level.
Yan Xiaoshuang squeezed the hand hidden in her sleeve tightly, closed her eyes and ignored it. She couldn’t help it anymore, so she took a step forward and leaned towards Lu Bei.
This time, the aroma of tea became stronger.
/Standing about two meters tall, the golden-winged roc has a slender figure with perfect proportions and a very masculine look. The facial features can be seen as a bit of a pretty face.
It stands to reason that this is a beautiful man whose legs the elder sisters can’t hold together after seeing him, but the three palace masters all lack interest. Two are fighting in a maze, while the other is swallowing his anger and silently talking about thirty years of Hedong.
Lu Bei switched to the demon body, his golden eagle eyes were powerful, suddenly burst into bright light, and he looked steadily towards the visualization map.
Within sight, not a single part of the Immortal Palace remained, with broken walls and ruins everywhere. The flowing clouds and thousands of falling purple clouds were also mottled and gray at the moment, and the ruins were full of desolation and loneliness.
The immortals fell, and meteors fell straight into the world.
The broken fairy world collapsed into fragments and scattered bit by bit into the human world.
The sky-covering giant claws pressed down, catching the fleeing immortal beings. Among the several rare treasures that were taken away, the figure of the Luan Bird was prominently among them.
The scene faded, and Lu Bei remained motionless, the corners of his eyes unable to stop twitching.
If, he meant what if, the Broken Demon Clan in the Immortal Realm contributed a large part of their efforts, the victor would enjoy merit medals and trophies, and Luanniao would be one of them.
Oh my god, the pure love God of War obviously doesn’t want this.
Lu Bei raised his hands to cover his face, and he probably understood why Luanniao, as a member of the immortal world, inherited the techniques that would be of great benefit to the demon clan.
If possible, he hoped that he would think less.
The truth is that the visualization map has been tampered with by the demon clan, and the benefits have been taken away from it.
Well, it seems that there is no differenc