s within the scope of the United States, there is nothing we can do.

After solving this matter, Wei Xiaobei thought about it and temporarily put aside the improvement of his ability to release electric current.
It would be too wasteful to use evolution points to improve the current light.
Just think about the hybrid dragon goldfish. It only needs to keep releasing lightning towards Wei Xiaobei, and its ability to release electricity will slowly increase. Although the lightning of the hybrid dragon goldfish is of no use to Wei Xiaobei now, the gray Is the only monster in the world that can release lightning, like the hybrid dragon goldfish?
After calculating in various directions, Wei Xiaobei finally discovered that there was only one skill left that he could improve.
Although he wasn’t too interested in this skill, Wei Xiaobei didn’t mind wasting some evolution points. After all, any improvement in skills seemed to be beneficial.
200 evolution points invested!
The fishing skills of entering the house were subsequently improved and became honed.
By this time, all the fishing-related knowledge that Wei Xiaobei had read before came to mind, even stopping some formulas that the two of them were calculating in their minds.
After the color of the fishing skill stabilized at yellow, Wei Xiaobei no longer had time to worry about those interrupted formulas.
After the fishing skill is promoted to Tempered, there is a promotion requirement.
Fish 1000 fish of any kind.
Catch 1,000 fish?
The appearance of this promotion request made Wei Xiaobei feel happy.
You must know that all skills that have promotion requirements are very powerful or very useful in the later stage.
Such as cooking and so on.
/Now, Wei Xiaobei looked at the sky. It was around three o’clock in the afternoon. Weijia Island, which is located in the subtropical climate area, was undoubtedly sunny and warm at this time.
To put it simply, if ordinary people wear sunscreen and stand in the sun, they will probably get sunburned in less than an hour.
But the core disciples on Wei Family Island saw the island owner Wei Xiaobei walking towards the north with heavy steps, carrying a set of fishing equipment.
Heavy steps are necessary.
For Wei Xiaobei, if he wants to lose weight, it is easier to control it. After all, Wei Xiaobei’s weight was as light as a swallow before, but if he wants to gain weight to the extent he needs, at the same time It is more difficult to adapt to this change in an instant.
Therefore, in order to adapt to this change in weight, Wei Xiaobei simply decided to adapt by constantly changing his weight in his daily life.
Therefore, anyone who sees Wei Xiaobei will be extremely surprised to find that there seems to be something wrong with the way Wei Xiaobei walks.
As soon as he stepped down, most of his foot was sunk, and the next moment, his foot landed on the soft soil without leaving a single footprint.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei walked towards the northern part of Weijia Island, one foot deep and one foot shallow.