onks. Although you are a clone, you can still point out a way for Mu.”

Halfway through the words, the Winged Fire Snake was immediately stunned.
The reason is simple. When he said the words ‘Mahayana Period’, Yibo Yuntian Zhang Yuelu stood decisively opposite him, with an indignant look on his face and eyes spitting fire as if he had a life-or-death feud with him.
“Bai Yejun, you and I have been friends for eight hundred years. How can you abandon me?” The Winged Fire Snake was furious.
“Those who have attained the Dao will get more help, while those who have lost the Dao will have little help. Whatever the reason, you can go there yourself!” Zhang Yuelu said with disdain.
“She’s just a clone, what are you afraid of?”
I’m afraid that her real body will come to the door!
Zhang Yuelu gave an answer in his heart. A dead Taoist friend is not a poor Taoist. It was true that he had some friendship with the Winged Fire Snake, but that was the end of it.
/The war started again and became intense in an instant. The Winged Fire Snakes singled out three of them at a time and fell into a disadvantage in the blink of an eye.
On the surface of the secret realm, Lu Bei hurriedly searched for the golden-scaled snake and followed the route to find the cliff.
Seeing the four unconscious carts, he frowned slightly and punched each one, unable to remain silent. Without a victory judgment, there was no experience gained.
Today is different from the past. Today he is Xinyuehu, not the loyal and patriotic leader of the Tianjian Sect. Picking up four large carts in exchange for money will only expose his identity, so he simply pretends not to have seen it.
“Di Tu Raccoon is a Buddhist cultivator from the ancient Xiongchu family. He released King Yuanxuan when he went to the lake to rush into the lake. The secret realm is located in Xiongchu. Although he is the tomb keeper, his actions are reasonable.”
Lu Bei quickly speculated and threw it away. At the moment, he didn’t care about Xiongchu’s cart, he just wanted to know where She Zhang went.
“Where did my big Sister She and my lovely Snake go?”
There were no traces of fighting at the scene. The four kings of Yuanxuan rushed to the street and the aura of the golden-scaled snake disappeared here.
Lu Bei sorted through the clues, and a possibility suddenly popped into his mind: “That person said that the opportunity had been taken away by someone else. It was not Xiong Chu, but Sister She.”
“No way, why is she always there?”
Lu Bei was stunned. He knew that She Zhang was pale, but luck should have a limit. She couldn’t taste the benefits every time.
It’s just speculation. Without evidence, it can’t be concluded.
Lu Bei was worried about one person and one snake, so he closed his eyes to sense it.
He and She Zhang were both spiritual and physical, and were bound by the Yin and Yang clutching technique. After sensing for a moment, they only determined that She Zhang was in the secret realm, and the specific location
Not on the surface, nor on the inside.
“No, how did they g