“He’s just a mortal. If we meet him again next time, I’ll just slap him to death!”

“Well, his dagger is a good thing. I hope to meet him soon.” Another person said with a sneer, his eyes bright.
The three of them walked into the mountain forest.
He turned back, looked at the land, stared at their backs, and said: “This is forcing me to set foot in the extraordinary realm, and I will settle my accounts with you soon!”
The breeze blows on the mountain, and the large area of ??green bamboo rustles in the wind. The bamboo sea is fresh and vital.
There was a faint smell of blood floating in the forest. Wang Xuan sat there with his upper body naked, carefully checking the injuries with his spiritual realm.
There was a bloody hole in his chest, four terrible gashes appeared in the right lung lobe, and the entire body was torn apart. The flesh and blood on the back were torn, and the ribs were vaguely visible.
He silently reflected that since he embarked on the old path, although there have been thrills, it has never been so tragic. There was no direct contact, and he was almost shot from across the sky.
Was he careless? No, he was very cautious and gave advance warning to escape.
Zhao Qinghan crushed the remaining elixirs and applied them to Wang Xuan’s external wounds. These injuries were very serious, but what was more serious were the internal injuries, with the organs broken into several pieces.
If he were an ordinary person, he would definitely die.
“Don’t think too much, heal the injury first.” She carefully bandaged Wang Xuan.
Grandmaster Ma was grunting not far away. There were blood holes in his wings and legs. He was in pain and kept making horse noises. He must be cursing.
It has completely remembered the person who shot him. When the groom feeds him to the extraordinary level, it will definitely go to find that person and make horse-trampling meat sauce!
Zhao Qinghan walked over and applied the remaining elixir to its body.
“It’s dangerous and dangerous.” Wang Xuan sighed, for the rest of his life, if he hadn’t been blocked by the golden body technique, and if Zhang Daoling hadn’t used Zhang Daoling’s physical skills to wipe out most of the runes on the arrow feathers, he would have been shot to pieces!
/He deeply understood the gap between himself and the extraordinary. Even if his body was already at the pinnacle of mortals, it still could not stop the power of that realm.
Perhaps, he is not considered the pinnacle of mortals?
“There is a black prison crow flying away in the mountain forest in the distance!” Zhao Qinghan said, standing outside the bamboo forest and looking at the distant mountain forest.
/The leader of the crow group is at the quasi-grandmaster level. This kind of gregarious raptor not only hunts prey but also eats carrion. It will pounce on corpses when it sees them.
“There are also some monsters escaping in the mountains on the adjacent side.” Zhao Qinghan observed meticulously, and there was usually no major movement in those two areas.
Wang Xuan stood up, and when he s