accelerates the penetration rate with the pressure. Traces of real mercury seep out from the meridians and enter the bones, internal organs, muscles, blood vessels, etc.

Even the blood pumped from the heart continues to turn silver under the penetration of real mercury.
This is a rapid transformation process.
/Even Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect that with the improvement of health attributes, this transformation would be so fast.
Later, the sweat beads on Wei Xiaobei’s skin were filled with traces of silver, but after a while, the silver would penetrate into his body.
With the passage of time and the consumption of evolution points, the health attribute is gradually approaching the 80-point mark.
Cell activity has increased to a very high level at this time.
If you put Wei Xiaobei’s body tissue under an electron microscope, you will find that its cells divide very quickly, basically dividing once every minute.
But the problem is that even with this splitting speed, Wei Xiaobei’s height, weight, etc. have not increased.
Instead, some cells have an interruption every five times they divide, resulting in polyploid cells.
As a result, these cells divide for a period of time, and after the division is stopped, it is unknown how many times.
However, these polyploid cells did not seem to cause much harm to Wei Xiaobei’s body.
The health attribute has finally been increased to 80 points!
Wei Xiaobei withdrew his attention, lowered his mind, and checked his body. There seemed to be some changes inside his body.
Even with his eyes closed, Wei Xiaobei could feel that his body was filled with endless vitality.
But then, Wei Xiaobei looked at the attribute table and was a little surprised.
After the health attribute reaches 80 points, the ability to regenerate severed limbs disappears.
This is not surprising. The muscles that were previously under the strength attribute disappeared after their physical strength reached 80 points.
But there is one problem. The ability to regenerate severed limbs has disappeared. What replaces it is not extraordinary, but a question mark!
/question mark?
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while and focused his attention on the question mark, and then a large amount of information was generated in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
After a while, Wei Xiaobei came back to his senses, his expression looking extremely strange.
There is a lot of information, and if I explained it one by one, I am afraid I could write a book directly.
In the final analysis, in one sentence, the question mark is actually the attribute additional ability that has not yet been selected.
In this way, maybe everyone doesn’t quite understand.
To put it bluntly, it was an inexplicable reason. Wei Xiaobei seriously suspected that it had something to do with Zhuzi. The information in the question mark provided Wei Xiaobei with two choices.
One is that it is otherworldly, and its recovery ability is completely out of the scope of mortals. As for the benefits, you probably need to think about it slowly after making a choice.
The seco