y?” Other people’s stories?”

“Ye Chenyu, Ye Sijin and Su Mei.” Liu Changan smiled, “To these three people, today’s Liu Changan, Qin Yanan, and Su Nanxiu, the stories of Ye Chenyu, Ye Sijin and Su Mei are other people’s stories.”
“I think you are the only one who can tell this story, but Su Nanxiu and I can’t.” Qin Yanan was slightly annoyed, but this emotion diluted her shyness. She leaned over and rested her cheek on his shoulder, “Your memory is too long and too far away. You will naturally forget the emotions when many things happened and turn them into stories that seem to have nothing to do with you. But unlike you, Su Nanxiu and I cannot forget the emotions when these things happened. Although I I don’t remember it, but when I mention it, it’s an emotional story, it’s my own story, and it’s no different from a memory.”
Memories, of course, have emotions. Remembering the various emotions at that time, shame, anger, joy, sadness, and all kinds of emotions are the reasons why memories are unforgettable, otherwise it will just be a story that seems to have nothing to do with you.
Qin Yanan felt that being passionate and ruthless was probably the reason why Liu Changan couldn’t say that he was ruthless to her. He obviously still cared about her. It could only be said that he clearly distinguished his memories from his current life.
“It’s definitely not possible for you and her. What do you mean, you are going to continue to fight in the future?” What Liu Changan can say is to drink more hot water.
“She is thinking about it. Do I have to give in to her? There is a saying that goes well, take one step back, step back step by step, endure the anger for a while, and get angry all the time.” Qin Yanan rolled his eyes at Liu Changan, “You just have to be quiet with your peaceful years. Well, don’t worry about us little old ladies’ grudges.”
Liu Changan understood what Qin Yanan meant. Now Qin Yanan and Sunan Xiu’s grievances have long been deeply rooted. This is no longer a matter of jealousy.
It seems that the mutual dislike of each other’s grudges with Su Nanxiu will help Qin Yanan accept the reality that she was once Ye Sijin. Liu Changan does not want Qin Yanan to go through the heart-wrenching process of self-identity confusion again.
“I still have many things I want to know.” Qin Yanan calmed down the stubbornness on her cheeks and became gentle and coquettish.
“What do you want to know?” Liu Changan told her even the secrets he least wanted to tell. There was nothing he couldn’t tell her, unless she was asking about some details about him and Su Nanxiu.
“I want to know what happened when Ye Sijin was with you when she was a child.” Qin Yanan looked at Liu Changan expectantly, with gentle eyes.
“When you were a child, you liked to pester your brother.”
“What kind of entanglement?”
“Why are there such clingy children?”
“Yes, it was when you were a child.”
/There are swaying leaves dancing outside the window
The childhood memories of my brother’s mouth
Brother and sister sitting on the soft