Xinyi brought when he rushed out made Huang Kun secretly surprised. If he hadn’t stabilized his body with a thousand-jin drop, just like that, he would have also I have to make a fool of myself.

Well, no matter what age a woman is, she will pay great attention to her image in the eyes of outsiders.
At this time, Zhu Xinyi, whose body was covered with dust and her hair was messy, was too embarrassed to stay any longer. After thanking Huang Kun, she turned around and left without saying much to anyone else.
But in the eyes of everyone next, Zhu Xinyi will knock a hole out of the wall if she is not careful.
This is really unexpected.
In the following time, Huang Kun also took Stone Heart. How could a middle-school boy like him give up his pursuit because of a little danger?
Of course, compared to Zhu Xinyi, since Huang Kun’s original strength has reached 42 points, his strength has also increased by 10 points.
/Of course, compared to Zhu Xinyi, who is not good at strength, Huang Kun would undoubtedly get much greater benefits from taking the same stone heart.
Strength attribute 52 points!
Feeling that the power in his body was about to explode, Huang Kun was fine at first, but after walking out of the room, he got excited and kicked off his right leg, breaking through the ceiling and falling to the floor above.
Seeing that Huang Kun was more troublesome than Zhu Xinyi, Wei Xiaobei had no choice but to use the Dragon Fire Cauldron, mainly iron ingots, to refine some iron rings for everyone.
There are simple runes printed on the inside of this iron ring. Its function is to add weight to the iron ring. Adjust the weight of the iron ring to the appropriate level as needed. Hang the iron ring on the limbs, even the waist and shoulders, and you can control the iron ring. The power is consumed.
Of course, if it were an ordinary person, he would be crushed to death by hanging an iron ring.
After Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun barely returned to their normal lives, Wei Xiaobei gave the Yang siblings, Cheng Dalong, Xiao Bailing and even Tamalas, who was called over urgently, some strength-enhancing treasures.
But having said that, compared to the two direct disciples Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun, the strength of these registered disciples is much lower. If they are allowed to take the stone heart, it will not benefit them, but make them die.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei gave them a treasure in exchange.
Wooden heart!
The last time Wei Xiaobei entered the Cheng Family Martial Arts Hall in the gray world, he collected a lot of this stuff while killing various monsters in the outdoor martial arts arena, and it is now suitable for use.
Of course, compared to the strength of Zhu Xinyi and the other two, these disciples were a bit inferior.
Especially that Tamalas, who couldn’t help crying when he endured the power of the wooden heart growing in his body to form a root network.
This really brings shame to the Lesnia royal family.
However, after the root network was formed, Tamalas looked at those red eyes and happily tested his doubl