o have changed at all, whether it was the pool, the waterfall or even the surrounding green trees.

Didn’t he say that he would be forced into the gray world?
But the next moment, a cry came out, confirming that Wei Xiaobei had indeed entered the gray world.
“Stop! Who are you?”
A somewhat ancient voice reached Wei Xiaobei’s ears, followed by a burst of fierce footsteps.
Wei Xiaobei turned around and saw more than a dozen ancient soldiers wearing leather vests and crimson cloth, holding spears, swords, and shields, surrounding them.
They look like soldiers from the Han Dynasty. There is a reason why Wei Xiaobei said these soldiers were soldiers from the Han Dynasty.
You know, Wei Xiaobei spent a lot of time on archeology during this period. Although most of his time was spent on ancient Europe, ancient Egypt, etc., because Zeng Wanshui himself also studied ancient China, Wei Xiaobei The books Bei read also covered this part of the story, including research on ancient military uniforms, weapons, armor, etc.
It can be seen from the clothing and weapons in the hands of these ancient soldiers that the ring-headed knives in their hands were long and straight, with a single edge, but they did not have the mature stem characteristics of the Tang Dynasty.
Of course, the most important feature is the Chinese character written on the leather armor on the chests of these soldiers.
And based on this Chinese character, Wei Xiaobei guessed that they should be soldiers of the Shu Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period.
If we contact the Shunping Waiting Horse Monument next to the water pool, the identity of these soldiers who appeared is self-evident.
Are you not so unlucky?
He was discovered after entering the gray world.
/Although Wei Xiaobei was extremely powerful now, he didn’t want to face off against Zhao Zilong, the silver spear and white horse.
This is not just an idol plot. No matter what, Wei Xiaobei never believed that Zhao Zilong in the gray world would be weaker than him.
/Just think about it with your butt.
What’s even more unlucky is that not far from the water pool is a military camp. Well, to be precise, it should be a huge military camp that wraps up the entire water pool.
The place where you are stationed must have water. This is something often mentioned in ancient military books.
In other words, as soon as Wei Xiaobei appeared, he appeared near the military camp, which was also the most important water source. He didn’t want anyone to discover him.
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei was ready to lie, saying that he was a businessman from an outside world, but he had no choice. Even with the clothes Wei Xiaobei was wearing, he said that he was a Shu Han citizen, but no one believed him.
Of course, even if Wei Xiaobei said that he was a foreign businessman, he would probably be imprisoned and might be beheaded as a spy tomorrow. The security in the Han Dynasty military camp was very tight as no one could imagine.
Zhou Yafu’s strictness during Xiliu’s military training was not just a matter o