dvertently thought of the golden flying pig, so the modified appearance became like this.

That’s right, at this moment, Wei Xiaobei looked like a pig with a human body.
After marveling at the magic of the Splendid Skin, Wei Xiaobei did not continue to modify the appearance. After all, this ability can only be used three times a day, so it needs to be used sparingly.
There are still 8800 evolution points left.
So leadership ability, the only branch attribute below 40 points among the attributes, should also be improved.
Leadership ability is 25 points, and he has an accessory ability to practice it.
Wei Xiaobei then spent another 3,000 evolution points to increase his leadership ability to 40 points.
The process is quick, no need to say more.
As the leadership ability increases to 40 points, the ability to practice it disappears and is replaced by a new ability.
Know people well and assign them well: Be able to better identify the talents of your subordinates and use them rationally, thereby greatly improving your subordinates’ combat and work efficiency.
/Well, the introduction of this ability seemed vague, but Wei Xiaobei quickly felt the benefits of activating this ability.
That is, after activating this ability, the strength of the ordinary people under him has improved a lot invisibly, almost to a small level, approaching the peak of the two-star ordinary. If he goes further, he will be able to break through to the two-star elite. .
There were still 5,800 evolution points left. Wei Xiaobei did not use any more, but stood up and started walking in the direction of the golden light.
As the distance got closer, the golden light gradually became dazzling.
After walking about two kilometers, Wei Xiaobei looked directly at the past and finally saw clearly what the golden light was about.
But when Wei Xiaobei saw the golden light clearly, he almost screamed in surprise.
/It turned out to be a giant golden pig that was over ten meters tall!
The golden light blooming from its body almost turned the entire pig into a golden color.
Gulimbursti? ?
Without using his extensive knowledge, a name suddenly appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
In Norse mythology, the mount of Frey, the God of Wealth, is the golden boar Gurinbursti!
Well, except for this golden wild boar, Wei Xiaobei really couldn’t think of any other monster that looked like this.
Strong winds continued to sweep around the giant golden pig, and the wind was so strong that even Wei Xiaobei could not get close to it.
But beside the golden boar, everything was calm.
A faint coercion slowly spread out in all directions along with the strong wind, making Wei Xiaobei feel faintly in danger.
However, this golden giant pig didn’t feel like there was any life in it to Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei thought for a moment, focused his eyes on the golden giant pig, and activated his powerful knowledge!
Name: Gulimbursti Corpse.
Introduction: It was once the pet of Frey, the God of Fertility. It was a divine object carefully crafted by the dwarf m