nsciously regard the giant turtle as a real island, but now, in the sea water less than 500 meters away from Wei Xiaobei, the giant turtle’s head was sleeping with its eyes closed. middle.

Like a mountain!
Matching the body behind his head, Wei Xiaobei suddenly felt extremely small.
It should be said that this giant turtle did not completely retract its head into its shell when sleeping.
This turtle was originally unable to put its head and limbs back into its shell.
To put it bluntly, in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, this turtle is actually the eagle-billed turtle in reality!
The appearance is exactly the same, but the abilities are completely different!
Well, the long-bearded shrimp demon and the real shrimp have different abilities.
There is no need to think too much about this.
Wei Xiaobei shook his head, composed himself, shook off the shock in his heart, and then slowly swam towards the head of the Scarlet Turtle Demon King.
When the distance between the two sides was less than three hundred meters, Wei Xiaobei threw a prepared stone.
With Wei Xiaobei’s strength, the stone brought out a string of bubbles and easily hit the turtle demon king’s head.
A loud noise immediately came from the impact point, causing the sea water to tumble.
But the giant turtle did not wake up, leaving Wei Xiaobei stunned. You know, even though Wei Xiaobei didn’t use much force on that stone, which was only 10% of its strength, if it hit the steel plate, how could a stone appear? Dimpled.
/But when it landed on the giant turtle’s head, it didn’t even move a single wrinkle in its skin.
This shows how terrifying the giant turtle’s surface defense capabilities are.
However, Wei Xiaobei thought about it and realized that it was right. His skin could withstand the impact of long-range machine gun bullets, let alone this giant turtle.
Well, whether in reality or in the gray world, this tortoise’s defense is top notch!
Wei Xiaobei threw another rock at it. This time, Wei Xiaobei used at least 30% of his strength.
The speed of the stone suddenly increased, and when it hit the giant turtle’s head, there was an explosion louder than before, and even triggered a violent shock wave.
Wei Xiaobei could feel that the sleeping sentries on a sentry tower on the edge of Turtle Island were awakened.
Not awake yet?
Just when Wei Xiaobei was about to hit a home run, suddenly, a soft breath came. In the blink of an eye, a slow and somewhat old voice came from Wei Xiaobei’s mind: “Boy, Did you wake me up?”
Before Wei Xiaobei could reply, the voice started talking on its own: “Remember, twenty good fat cows, otherwise I will sink to the bottom of the sea! The quality of the cow last time was too poor and too unpalatable. ”
This turtle demon king seems to recognize himself as a gray-white person?
Well, if it were another person, I’m afraid he would have nodded and admitted it immediately, and at the same time, he would have thought about how to get the turtle demon king to rebel and destroy Gray White.
But Wei Xiaobei has b