e ring and threw it into the sea water.

The shark’s sense of smell is considered to be top-notch in the ocean world. Even the smell of blood from dozens of sea miles away can be smelled from the sea water and tracked there.
Of course, with ordinary blood, this diffusion rate would be too slow.
That’s why Wei Xiaobei chose Lu Shu’s blood.
Compared to other creatures, the blood of Lu Shu is extremely fishy and has an incredible evaporation speed. The smell of a drop of Lu Shu blood can travel hundreds of kilometers in just a few minutes. As for the scent in sea water, , the propagation speed will not be too slow.
Sure enough, as Lu Shu’s blood dripped into the sea, within five minutes, Wei Xiaobei saw a shark appear on the sea from a distance. The triangle protruding from the sea and swimming rapidly was undoubtedly a symbol of the shark’s identity.
Well, what Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect was that what came faster than the sharks was a group of swordfish, numbering over a hundred. They were jumping quickly on the sea, heading towards this place at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour. Bian rushed over.
Well, to be honest, Wei Xiaobei felt a little headache when he saw such a large group of swordfish rushing towards him.
To put it bluntly, the swordfish moving at high speed are just siege crossbow arrows. In the past, it was normal for those wooden ships to be damaged and killed if they were attacked by a school of swordfish.
Although Wei Xiaobei’s body could barely withstand the impact, it would still hurt.
After that, Wei Xiaobei took out the black and silver sword from the storage ring, pointed it away from the goldfish, and rushed towards the swordfish in the opposite direction.
Wei Xiaobei flew to a position slightly higher than the jumping height of the swordfish, and swept down with the electric light from his broadsword.
In fact, at the speed of these swordfish, as long as they are touched by the blade of a broadsword, it is equivalent to committing suicide.
As the sword swept down, Wei Xiaobei felt the force of continuous collision coming from the sword.
With one sweep of the knife, more than a dozen swordfish were split in half from head to tail!
At this time, the two goldfish actually flew over, opened their mouths, and sucked the swordfish that had been split in half into their mouths.
/As for the swordfish that were still jumping and charging, they couldn’t hurt the goldfish at all. All the swordfish that hit the goldfish were bounced away by the goldfish’s extremely hard scales, and they couldn’t even leave a white mark. .
/However, this swordfish could only kill one wave. Except for the more than ten swordfish that were split in half, the rest of the swordfish ran away from the goldfish without even looking back.
Well, there’s no turning back for swordfish.
Those sharks originally wanted to steal food from the goldfish’s mouth, but they soon became the target of Wei Xiaobei’s sword!
The speed of sharks is much slower than that of swordfish. Wei Xiaobei is close to the sea surface, and