Wei Xiaobei breathed out gently.

He did not underestimate these three black giant scorpions. Although each black giant scorpion only had 50 evolution points, the poisonous needles on its tails were much more powerful than the fishman guards. Besides, the surface temperature here was The temperature was probably over forty degrees, making any move more physically demanding.
After hiding on the side of the dune for a while and taking a drink of water, Wei Xiaobei picked up the big gun and continued on the road.
/On the following journey, this kind of black giant scorpion continued to appear, some alone, two in pairs, and three together like before.
But bugs are still bugs, and their intelligence cannot even match that of ordinary fishmen.
When attacking Wei Xiaobei, Black Giant Scorpion always used the same ambush tactics.
After two previous battles with the black giant scorpions, Wei Xiaobei had a lot of understanding of these black giant scorpions, so it became much easier to deal with them.
Wei Xiaobei jumped up high and pointed the big gun in his hand at the black giant scorpion. The next moment, the sharp spear head penetrated the black giant scorpion’s back from top to bottom. Then the big gun shook violently and shook. The back shell of the black giant scorpion shattered into pieces, and even the internal organs in the body were shaken by the shock and turned into a ball of mud.
Although there is no dazzling sun here, there is only some gray skylight shining through.
But the temperature here was almost scorching hot, and Wei Xiaobei was sweating profusely after the intense battle.
Wiping the sweat dripping from his forehead, Wei Xiaobei quickly pierced the spear head stained with the flesh and blood of the black giant scorpion into the gravel a few times, wiping off the flesh and blood on the spear head.
The fiery red mountains that are still five or six kilometers away have become much larger in the field of vision.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the attribute panel and saw that the evolution points had increased by 400, which made him extremely happy.
After getting familiar with the fighting methods of the black giant scorpions, these slow-moving black giant scorpions have simply become the best material for Wei Xiaobei to gain evolutionary points.
The evolution points have risen to 630 points, and a full 600 of them are obtained by killing the Black Giant Scorpion.
After thinking for a while, Wei Xiaobei temporarily gave up his plan to invest in evolution points.
As far as his current attributes are concerned, although his agility is somewhat lower than his strength, making him bulkier, in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, it is barely enough.
If he really wanted to invest his evolution points, Wei Xiaobei was still prepared to put his evolution points into Bajiquan.
Wei Xiaobei had a vague hunch that his Bajiquan was about to reach its bottleneck, and if he invested in evolution points after reaching the bottleneck, he might be able to save some money.
This is not a random thought in Wei Xiaobei’s mind,