er into the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s body. All the muscles and so on that were in the way were all blocked by Wei Xiaobei. Hit the mace several times in a row.

Even the extremely elastic muscles were either scorched by electric current or smashed into pulp by the shock effect of the diamond mace.
To the Thousand-Eyed Monster, Wei Xiaobei was like a bug that had burrowed through his ears and kept making its way into his brain. This kind of panic made the Thousand-Eyed Monster simply not know how to deal with it.
It even extended its tentacles into the holes in its body, but the IQ of this thousand-eyed monster was indeed not high. After the tentacles that penetrated the holes advanced a certain distance, it opened its big mouth and began to devour itself until it was smashed to pieces. The meat sauce comes.
It has to be said that the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s own meat sauce seems to suit the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s appetite, causing more tentacles to pour in.
Soon, Wei Xiaobei passed through the obstacles and came to a space filled with white sauce. In the innermost part, a yellow crystal stone the size of a fist was suspended there.
There is no doubt that the yellow spar should be a good thing!
/Wei Xiaobei rushed over with a quick step, fished it out with his left hand, and grabbed the yellow crystal in his hand.
/An attribute probe landed on the yellow spar.
Name: Heart Core of the Thousand-Eyed Monster (Treasure)
Introduction: This object is the most important organ of the Thousand-Eyed Monster, which can create or remove hallucination effects.
Effect 1: The illusion is born from the heart, which can make creatures fall into the illusion of inner desires. It is difficult to awaken except for fatal attacks.
Effect 2: Dispelling hallucinations, allowing creatures trapped in hallucinations to break hallucinations.
Effect three:? ? ?
Thousand-Eyed Monster’s Heart Core?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel overjoyed. This must be the source of the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s power.
But having said that, this thing is indeed a treasure!
In addition to its quality being a treasure, all three effects are question marks. Wei Xiaobei’s current attribute detection ability cannot see through the effect, so it must be extraordinary.
As the yellow core was put into the storage bag, the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s struggle on the lake immediately became extremely violent. However, after a few breaths, the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s struggle suddenly stopped, and all the eyes that were still emitting yellow light slowed down. Close slowly.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei used his diamond mace to carry out destructive attacks on the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s brain.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t stop until 1,000 evolution points suddenly appeared on the attribute panel.
The Thousand-Eyed Monster was finally killed.
Wei Xiaobei exhaled slightly.
It has to be said that the battle with the Thousand-Eyed Monster was a near miss.
Of course, if Wei Xiaobei did not have perseverance and low willpower, I am afraid that Wei Xiaobei would be captured by