Yin Fire Furnace has melted, and more than 80% of the impurities in it have been eliminated by the Yin Fire, forming a soft metal that exudes a cold air.

Of course, if you just look at the surface phenomenon, its fire will make people think that its temperature is very low.
But only Wei Xiaobei, who took it out of the Yin Fire Stove and placed it on the anvil, knew how cold the cold air emanating from this ball of soft metal would be!
A biting cold that made Wei Xiaobei feel slightly uncomfortable even with his constitution.
But having said that, those ghost servants seemed to enjoy the cold.
The hammer was only about the size of a palm, but when Wei Xiaobei held it in his hand, it almost fell to the ground.
Good weight!
But the information fed back by the body is that the hammer only weighs two hundred kilograms.
With Wei Xiaobei’s current strength attribute, holding a mere 200 kilograms of hammer in his hand is nothing at all. Even a hammer weighing one ton can be easily swung.
Light and heavy!
That’s how this hammer gave Wei Xiaobei.
After hitting it a few times with the hammer, and looking at the ghosts who were lifting their weights lightly, Wei Xiaobei vaguely understood.
The hammer itself does indeed weigh only two hundred kilograms, but in fact, the force used to lift the hammer is not your own body! But your own spirit!
/Well, to be precise, when lifting the hammer, it should be your own soul that exerts the force.
It should be the soul. Although Wei Xiaobei was not completely sure, he was at least fifty percent sure.
After picking up the hammer and hitting the soft metal several times, Wei Xiaobei felt a dizziness slowly rising in his mind.
There is no doubt that this is a sign of excessive mental exertion.
Wei Xiaobei did not dare to neglect, immediately put down the hammer, took out the energy-replenishing barbecue from the storage bracelet and started eating.
After replenishing his energy, Wei Xiaobei continued to swing the hammer.
After every few beats, Wei Xiaobei needs to replenish his food.
This made Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel a little surprised that those ghosts could swing the hammer dozens of times in a row.
Could it be that their souls are stronger?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but shook his head. This was certain. The strength of these ghosts was at most one-star elite.
From a certain point of view, they were originally spiritual creatures. To put it bluntly, they were transformed from souls. It is absolutely impossible for their souls to be stronger than their own, or even much lower than their own.
It should be a question of technique.
After Wei Xiaobei replenished the food, he did not rush to drop the hammer. Instead, he replayed the memory of the chief hitting the soft metal dozens of times in his mind.
After a long time, Wei Xiaobei raised the hammer again and dropped it towards the soft metal.
This time, Wei Xiaobei hit the metal a lot more times than before. After ten times, Wei Xiaobei felt mentally tired.
In this way, after every break, Wei Xiaobei’s ski