. If he was given a rifle, using only the eyesight and control of an ordinary person, five bullets could easily hit forty-eight rings without any problem. .

Of course, if this restriction is relaxed, with his powerful attributes and eagle eye control, Wei Xiaobei will become the gun king with little KS.
But this was not enough for Wei Xiaobei.
Stay focused! Evolution points are consumed again!
Spend 300 evolution points! Thousands of refinements are promoted to mastery.
Spend 500 evolution points! Mastery and mastery are promoted to perfection.
Spend 1000 evolution points! Perfection is elevated to the pinnacle!
Spend 1500 evolution points! The peak is elevated to the unfathomable!
After spending 3,500 evolution points, the shooting skill finally improved from being in the room to being unfathomable in purple.
When you reach the realm of unfathomable, you can still invest evolution points, but if you don’t sacrifice other skills for this unfathomable, then it will be impossible to continue to improve.
His shooting skills had improved to an unfathomable level, and Wei Xiaobei felt that his forehead had become a little painful due to the large amount of shooting experience.
At this level, Wei Xiaobei can spend 2,000 evolution points to teach his disciples the shooting skills that have been refined over time.
But in terms of value for money, it’s a bit poor.
However, the shooting skills of this unfathomable realm are indeed extremely powerful.
Wei Xiaobei even had a feeling that he could easily use any shooting-type thermal weapon and maximize its power!
If those armored infantry mastered the shooting skills of this level, I am afraid that their combat effectiveness would be comparable to that of dozens of armored infantry.
After a skill reaches this level, Wei Xiaobei has already experienced the amplification effect it brings when he raised the General Body Fist to an unfathomable level.
Of course, it is impossible for those armored infantry to possess such level of shooting skills.
Wei Xiaobei checked and found out that among the armored infantry, those with the strongest shooting skills were those who had been honed over time, but none of them had mastered or mastered them.
It is conceivable that if Wei Xiaobei owned a human race cruiser, the combat effectiveness it would unleash.
But the path Wei Xiaobei took was not like the human race that relied entirely on the power of technology, so after a slight hesitation, Wei Xiaobei decisively focused on his shooting skills!
In the blink of an eye, the shooting skills that had reached the unfathomable level immediately started to burn, rising into purple flames.
With countless shooting-related experiences, the knowledge begins to dissipate quickly.
Wei Xiaobei did not dare to hesitate at this time, and immediately turned his attention to the electrician (unfathomable)!
Immediately, the purple flame formed by the shooting skill formed a purple line of fire, rushing towards the electrician skill.
After investing