y of eliminating it through subsequent cultivation and practice of Dharma and Techniques, so as to isolate and cut off all crises in the bud, not even When the source of that pollution is traced back to his own Tao Fruit, Shang Bo will cut off all the power of the polluted Tao Fruit from himself.

In this way, little things add up, and those little strands of Taoist power are hard to come by, which makes Uncle Shang extremely regretful.
As the existence revealed in the Sumeru crack becomes more and more strange and troublesome, with every resistance and mutual attack, the power of the Tao Fruit that Uncle Shang needs to cut becomes stronger. A little.
This situation is getting worse and worse, almost becoming a vicious cycle.
Very early on, Uncle Shang already had a tired look on his face, and now when he looked again, it was rare that Uncle Shang was really out of breath.
That kind of exhaustion seemed to be no longer limited to Uncle Shang’s emotions, but radiated from his mind, and then spread to his physical body, penetrating through Uncle Shang’s three elements of spirit, energy, and spirit.
Perhaps he also felt that Uncle Shang’s aura was getting worse in this increasingly vicious cycle. In the carriage nearby, the young man had not made the noise of turning the pages of a book for a long time, nor had he opened his mouth to disturb Uncle Shang with questions. mood.
Just now, another fierce battle passed like this.
/Yes, it was no longer an ordinary blow to each other across space.
Perhaps the existence on the other side of the Sumeru rift is still an understatement of a blow from the air.
But now, after taking this blow, Uncle Shang had to show off his cultivation skills, actively used secret techniques, overlapping several offensive techniques in an instant, and struck away.
As for the aftermath of this blow, Uncle Shang was quite confused in dealing with it.
Until the end of the fierce battle, what Uncle Shang cut off with great pain was not only the power of the Tao Fruit that was getting thicker and thicker, but also a flag in the gilded divine flower.
At this moment, the treasure was really swaying in the storm, and you could even see the broken materials that were being corroded in the dim yellow light.
The damaged flag disappeared in a flash, and you could still clearly see the mysterious shape of the “Tailed Fire Tiger” depicted on it.
Logically speaking, for one of the magic weapons to be damaged like this is actually a very traumatic thing.
But when he looked at it, Uncle Shang was not that miserable.
On the contrary, around him, the gilded divine flower was spinning around. At first glance, there were still twenty-eight auras floating in it, but one of the auras seemed to have become darker.
At the same time, a ball of bright yellow magical flames shone in the palm of Uncle Shang’s palm. Several kinds of supreme treasure materials were burned in the fireworks, but when he looked at it, it didn’t seem like he was using a weapon. means.
Sure enough, almost instantly, the treasure mate