flew towards the sky with a golden spear of light.

Everyone can see that this blow consumed the Valkyrie too much, and the golden light on her body was weakened by 80%!
/Even when fighting the eighty-meter-tall giant before, the Valkyrie had never used this move.
After that, something seemed to be falling from the sky, giving people a great sense of depression, as if the sky was about to collapse.
Fortunately, the sky did not collapse in the end.
The branch that looked like a mountain was finally supported by other branches, but it was teetering thousands of meters above the ground, which actually added more pressure to the monsters on the ground.
Whether it was giants, giant wolves, heroic warriors, etc., they all started to get distracted during the battle.
No one wants to be the first to leave the battlefield, which will undoubtedly give the enemy the advantage of using their troops to cover up the enemy.
But fighting on this battlefield, you have to bear the fear of branches falling at any time!
This is simply scarier than having a sword hanging above your head!
Most monsters have to shift part of their attention to the top of their heads when fighting.
As a result, the heat on the battlefield began to cool down and became a bit tepid. It didn’t look like a big battle, but more like a martial arts competition.
This was something the Valkyrie didn’t expect.
Not to mention that the fighting below had become a little quieter. Wei Xiaobei ignored the violent shaking and desperately climbed up the passage. At this time, he had two chickens in his left hand, well, two swans, and he was holding Andre in his right hand and on his head. Kesmeier was lying on her stomach, her legs taking advantage of the intermediate burst that had not yet dissipated, to move upwards without any signs of panting.
It wasn’t until waves of weakness surged into his body that Wei Xiaobei stopped and sat down on the ground.
Wei Xiaobei did not relax completely, still staring at the two swans.
However, a swan had died, and Wei Xiaobei had to put it into the storage bracelet with some regret.
In the end, the swan was indeed severely beaten by the vines. At this time, it had not recovered at all. It was in a completely dying state, as if it was about to die in the next moment.
Wei Xiaobei first gnawed two pieces of barbecue, and then took a sip of the secondary fountain of youth water.
This is not a waste for Wei Xiaobei, it is simply because after becoming weak, the body’s recovery ability is also weakened. If Wei Xiaobei wants to recover from his injuries as soon as possible and regain his fighting strength, he has to be more luxurious.
Looking at the dying swan, Wei Xiaobei hesitated for a moment before feeding the swan a drop of the secondary fountain of youth water.
Anyway, after looting the gathering place of heroic warriors this time, Wei Xiaobei’s secondary youth spring water has increased to more than 4000 ml. With thirty-four fragments added, it doesn’t matter if it is wasted.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei would not feed th