At least, from the current perspective, the real threat is much smaller.
The relationship between the mutated farmer’s market and himself can be called a fight to the death!
/In order to pursue him, this mutated farmer’s market even chased him. Although he didn’t know how he did it, he at least knew that the price he paid was definitely not small.
The giant chicken looked around at the strange house, moved its legs, and quickly circled around the strange house.
Just when it turned in his direction, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but hold his breath.
But Wei Xiaobei’s caution seemed a bit unnecessary.
The giant chick’s attention was not focused on Wei Xiaobei at all. After circling around the strange house, the giant chick opened its beak and pecked at a low building nearby.
There was a burst of masonry cracking and rubble splattering everywhere. The chick pecked off a piece of cement wall from the building. After that, the chicken beak raised. The piece was surrounded by exposed steel bars and covered an area of ??more than ten square meters. The cement wall was shot towards the strange house like a cannonball.
The mutant farmer’s market is not low in intelligence, at least it knows how to use foreign objects to test the enemy.
But this time the test still failed. Just when the cannon-like concrete wall was shot less than five or six meters away from the strange house, the cement wall once again had the same disintegration effect as those previous bone monsters. From front to back, the cement wall It was as if a transparent crusher had been inserted into the wall, constantly disintegrating into pieces that floated away in the wind.
There is no doubt that the weird attack method of this weird house also has the same attack effect on inanimate things like cement walls!
After the test failed, the chicken did not give up. It stretched out its beak and tore off a piece of cement wall from the building again. Then it kicked off the ground with its legs and jumped into the air. In the blink of an eye, it jumped hundreds of meters high.
For a behemoth like a giant chicken, it is not difficult to jump hundreds of meters. Compared to the height of the giant chicken, jumping hundreds of meters is just a little more than a height.
The cement wall plummeted from the sky above the strange house! Like a flying meteorite.
There is no doubt that the chick’s test is in the right direction.
Even Wei Xiaobei didn’t believe that this weird house’s attack method could cover all directions.
But what happened next confirmed that the attack method of this strange house was all-round.
At the same distance, the cement wall disintegrated and turned into ashes.
After repeated attempts failed, the giant chicken seemed to become a little impatient. It turned its body and clawed at the concrete floor with its thick chicken claws, digging countless broken cement blocks towards the strange house.
Countless broken cement blocks were like machine guns, shooting towards the weird house in a steady stream, but this me