is kind of war is a good thing that he likes to see.

In any case, Wei Xiaobei is only one person. Whether he encounters the giant or the World Tree, he will be attacked. Now that the two sides are fighting, it gives Wei Xiaobei a chance to fish in troubled waters.
Especially now, Wei Xiaobei’s reserve of evolution points has been exhausted and needs to be replenished!
While the battle was in full swing, Wei Xiaobei began to get busy.
He stretched out his left hand and sprayed out ten balls of meat in succession, forming ten meat balls with a diameter of more than three meters in half a minute.
Just like that, the flesh and blood reserve of the Life Altar was consumed by two thousand.
Meat balls of this size are not grown very quickly.
After waiting for a minute, the meat ball quickly broke open, and ten digging pigs came out. After eating the fragments of the meat ball shell, the size of these digging pigs increased to seven meters.
In the following time, Wei Xiaobei continued to spray out shredded meat and breed digger pigs one after another. After all the flesh and blood reserves were exhausted, fifty digger pigs were successfully bred.
This wasn’t the end of it, the corpse of the flame giant in the storage bracelet was also absorbed, and fifteen more digging pigs were cultivated.
/At this time, the Digger Pig’s form is slightly different from before.
His skin is light black, his eyes are red, and his nostrils exhale thickly from time to time, giving him an extremely impatient look.
Two slightly curved tusks protruded forward more than two meters, like spears, adding an even more violent aura to the digging pig.
After a little analysis, Wei Xiaobei selected a battlefield five kilometers to the north.
There, more than thirty flame giants were fighting with two giant pythons, ten giant wolves and even a pale golden flying pig.
It has to be said that it is undoubtedly impossible for ten giant wolves to fight against more than thirty flame giants with just those two giant pythons.
But after the pale golden flying pig joined the battle, the originally precarious situation was reversed in the blink of an eye, and even the flame giants were beaten back and forth.
There are not many monsters on this battlefield.
But the most important thing is that the woods here were originally relatively sparse. Under the continuous fighting between the two sides, almost all the trees were destroyed, making it the most suitable place for the digging pig to charge!
Set off!
Wei Xiaobei took the lead and rushed to the front. Sixty-five digging pigs followed behind Wei Xiaobei. When the huge digging pigs gathered in a group and ran together, their momentum was somewhat like a thousand troops. Even the surrounding board-shaped tree roots and the ground shook slightly.
After getting close to the battlefield, Wei Xiaobei jumped on the back of a digging pig and hid himself under its thick hair. Then the digging pigs began to accelerate towards the battlefield.
There is no doubt that the flame giants, giant wolves, giant pyt