Wei Renwu stood up from the bed, not even paying attention to his lower body, pointed at Yue Ming’s nose and cursed: “Do you know what you are talking about?”

Yue Ming straightened his chest and replied without fear: “I know exactly what I am talking about.”
Wei Renwu sat down again and rubbed his mustache vigorously. He was so angry that he could hardly speak, but he still asked: “Tell me, what happened.”
“No… nothing happened.” Yue Ming hesitated.
“Nothing happened, but you want to leave me. Do you think this is convincing?” Yue Ming has reached Wei Renwu’s bottom line, and Wei Renwu is ready to explode at any time.
“I don’t think I need to tell you too clearly. After all, this is my private matter.” Yue Ming explained forcefully.
/“Private matters? I think your behavior has seriously affected our official business.” Wei Renwu was aggressive.
“It won’t affect official business, absolutely not. I’m just moving. It doesn’t mean that we will break up.” Yue Ming was still trying to argue.
“Okay.” Wei Renwu’s gloomy face suddenly softened, “If you want to move, just move.”
Yue Ming was surprised: “Ah? You won’t stop me?”
Wei Renwu shrugged and said helplessly: “Isn’t this what you want? I won’t stop you, you can move if you want.”
“Are you really not going to stop me?” Yue Ming still didn’t believe it. Wei Renwu had never been such an easy person to talk to.
/Wei Renwu showed sincere eyes and said: “Hey, Xiaoyue, who do you think I am? If you really want to move out and live alone, of course I will support you 100%. You know, you are not only My assistant is also my friend.”
“Okay, I really believe you agreed.” Yue Ming was still frightened.
“Then my friend, let me ask you, when will you move?” Wei Renwu started to put on his Spongebob underwear.
“Right away, I’ll look for a place to live. If I find one, I’ll move.” Yue Ming said.
“Are you too hasty?” After putting on his underwear, Wei Renwu started to put on his cartoon pajamas again.
“It’s a bit urgent. If you’re not in a hurry, I won’t tell you in a hurry.” Yue Ming sighed softly.
Wei Renwu put on his pajamas and said, “Since I’m leaving, can you do me a favor? My friend.”
Yue Ming nodded and said: “As long as it’s something I can do, I will try my best to help you, just ask.”
Wei Renwu stood up, stretched and said, “I need you to help me make another lunch. I feel a little hungry.”
Yue Ming frowned and replied: “I refuse.”
It wasn’t that Yue Ming hated cooking for Wei Renwu, but he had to be in a hurry and find another house for himself, and it had to be a decent house.
It would definitely be slower to find it by himself. He had to find a real estate agency, and it couldn’t be the “Lianjia Real Estate” downstairs, because there was someone there that he didn’t dare to see. To be precise, it should be a woman.
When a customer comes, the staff of the real estate agency naturally welcomes him warmly. A man in a suit and leather shoes comes up to him and asks: “Handsome man, what kind of house do you want?”
Yue Ming knew very well what kind of