doing that, let’s end our conversation and just do it.”

She calmed herself down and adjusted her body posture with difficulty, hoping to die gracefully.
Yihui quickly said: “No, I want to live until the day when all extraordinary sources are rotten. Brother Qingzhou, actually, we have many important secrets here that we can share with you. For example, we are not the only ones this time When we go out, there are also supreme beings on the road. Do you know why? It involves an ultimate secret. It can be said that in extraordinary history, this is no less influential than the fusion of two mythical sources, and it is even more significant!”
/This was the first time that Wang Xuan encountered an opponent with such a strong desire to survive. As a prisoner, he knew that the outcome was irreversible, but he was still trying to change his destined fate.
“Go on.” He really wanted to know what the so-called ultimate secret was.
After the fusion of the super mythical source, the supreme beings in it mysteriously went out on the road. In this dangerous era of the expansion of the eternal umbrella, what do you want to do?
Although Yihui was miserable and covered in blood, he was still very solemn and said: “Rewrite the extraordinary trend, reshape mythical history, and recreate the legendary immortal civilization that will never end.”
Wang Xuan stood beside the Tao tree, unmoved, and asked calmly: “Are you saying that those powerful people are going to do some kind of earth-shattering event?”
Yihui nodded solemnly: “Yes, the supreme being came down the mountain and came to the decaying outside world in the years of frozen mythology. Naturally, he wanted to go against the will of heaven and rewrite the direction of the myth.”
He spoke in general terms and had no specific direction. Wang Xuan didn’t speak, just looked at him, waiting for him to tell the essential content.
Yihui fell into the decaying dust of this world and said sadly: “I have said so much, but Brother Qingzhou has not shown any sign. It seems that he is determined to kill us. He even wiped our memories and made us swear to the Tao as a precaution. Isn’t it possible to implement it at the same time?”
Mingxuan said: “Yi Hui, don’t say anything anymore. Clean up your appearance, go on the road calmly, and leave yourself some dignity. You are used to seeing life and death on the extraordinary road, so why should you be afraid?”
Although she was seriously injured, she still stood up with strength, tried hard to shake off the red blood all over her body, took out new clothes, replaced the broken alien armor, and prepared to die.
At this moment, she was like a mountain flower that was about to wither in the autumn wind. There were cracks on her beautiful face that were difficult to heal. Her armor was torn apart under her feet, her sword was broken, and her brand new dress was already draped on her body.
Yihui was anxious, he did not hesitate to make a single land-breaker lose face, and desperately wanted to live, but Mingxuan regarded death as home, unab