nter, the leaves have almost withered, and everything has entered a state of dormancy.

There are only a few pedestrians on the streets, not to mention those wilderness areas where even ghosts might not want to go.
But the strange thing is that in this wilderness full of withered grass, there will be two people looking for something in the wilderness against the howling cold wind.
One of the people with his coat rolled up and his whole body shivering from the cold was Yue Ming.
And the other person squatting on the ground, searching carefully, is none other than our detective – Wei Renwu.
Yue Ming curled up and said, “Mr. Wei, what are we looking for here?”
Wei Renwu said while searching the ground, “Looking for hands.”
“Obviously the hands are gone, where can we find him?”
“As long as we find where he has been, we can find out some of his characteristics, so that we won’t be so at a loss when we meet him again in the future.”
/“Then what did you find out?”
Wei Renwu took out a fragment from his bag and said slowly: “This is a fragment of a 0.308-inch Winchester bullet. This is a kind of bullet.”
Yue Ming pursed his lips and said, “Even without looking at the model number, I know the other person is a sniper.”
“But you don’t know what he uses?”
“I know, so what can I do?”
Wei Renwu shook his head helplessly and said, “I thought you would grow up after this, but in the end, you are still a baby.”
Yue Ming felt ashamed and said, “Well, I’m really not a qualified detective yet.”
Wei Renwu seemed to have discovered something. He suddenly lay down on the haystack, raised the corners of his mouth, and shouted: “This is it.”
Yue Ming asked curiously: “What’s wrong?”
Wei Renwu took out another pair of binoculars from his bag and looked into the distance. He said slowly: “The hands are hidden here to snipe us.”
“No way.” Yue Ming said in surprise, “This place is more than a kilometer away from the abandoned factory. Is there such a precise method in this world?”
Wei Renwu said: “This can be done. As long as it is good and the hands are good, it can be done.”
“It’s unbelievable. Has anyone in the world ever done that?”
“Currently, the longest sniper shooting distance in the world is 2,475 meters. It was created by a sniper from the British Royal Cavalry. When serving in Afghanistan, he killed two Taliban militants in a row. This method is simply amazing.” When Wei Renwu said this, Yue Ming heard that there was a kind of respect in his tone. It is conceivable that the hand Wei Renwu said was definitely the best in the world, otherwise Wei Renwu would not be so respectful.
Yue Ming said: “The hand that sniped at us should be considered a good hand.”
Wei Renwu shook his head and said: “It’s not the best, it should be said to be the best.”
Yue Ming was surprised: “Is it so powerful?”
“Being able to accurately and quickly knock off the gun in my hand, coupled with the shooting distance being so far and it being dark, this is not enough just having good hands.”
“What about you? Can you do it?” Yue Ming raise