h he said he wanted to solve another doubt, he took no action.

It’s not that Wei Renwu is not anxious, it’s just that he doesn’t know what to do next. Although he has found the connection between the dead, he still hasn’t found a solution to another problem that keeps him awake at night. How did the murderer get there without him? Abandoning the body without anyone noticing?
Wei Renwu held a cigarette in his mouth, absentmindedly, letting the vehicles around him pass by like running water, and the dust they brought up filled the air in front of his eyes.
“Please give way.” A voice came from behind Wei Renwu.
Wei Renwu turned around and saw a three-wheeled garbage truck full of garbage riding behind him. The rider was a young man wearing a mask and dirty clothes.
The young man reiterated: “Please give way.”
Wei Renwu quickly covered his nose and got out of the way. You must know that the sour smell of garbage is not something ordinary people can bear.
I saw a garbage truck parked next to a garbage can. The young man jumped out of the car, opened the garbage can, packed the garbage inside, put it in the garbage truck, stepped on the garbage truck, and drove away.
Wei Renwu was dumbfounded throughout the whole process, and he suddenly laughed: “I fucking understand, hahahahahahaha.”
He looked up to the sky and smiled, very proud, but passers-by thought he was crazy.
At this time, his cell phone rang. When he saw it, it was Zhang Feng. He heard Zhang Feng say anxiously on the other end of the phone: “Mr. Wei, I have already found out what you want to check.”
“Hurry, hurry, come and pick me up, I have something important to tell you.” Wei Renwu said anxiously, his excitement was already overwhelming.
Zhang Feng drove a police car and picked up Wei Renwu. Before he could talk about his investigation, he heard Wei Renwu chattering: “I know what method the murderer used to abandon the body.”
/“What method?” Zhang Feng’s interest was instantly ignited by Wei Renwu.
“Garbage truck.” Wei Renwu said, lighting a cigarette.
“Garbage truck?” With Zhang Feng’s thinking, it was difficult to understand Wei Renwu’s thoughts.
“Yes, it’s a garbage truck.” Wei Renwu said proudly, “Think about it, isn’t it reasonable to drive a garbage truck to those remote parks in the middle of the night to collect garbage from the trash cans?”
“It sounds very reasonable, but if you hide the body in a garbage truck and someone sees it when you dump it, wouldn’t it still expose the secret?”
Wei Renwu shook his head and said: “The secret will not be revealed at all. First, he hid the body in a garbage bag and then put it on the garbage truck. The stench in the garbage truck was enough to cover up any smell of the body, including the smell of blood. Then, just find a deserted place and put the body out of the garbage bag. As for what you said about being hit by someone, this kind of thing will not happen at all. When people see the garbage truck, they will Unconsciously avoiding it, no one wants to pay special attention to the garbage truck